Federico "Fred" Fiorillo

Hello, my name is Fred and I’m a nature guide and content writer. Currently based in the magnificent Val de Bagnes, Switzerland. I’m an avid hiker and snowboarder and I travel to the great wilderness areas of the world to see the wildlife and birds I’m passionate of. Inspired by an alternative lifestyle I believe in the importance of being in connection with the natural environment.

Black-headed gull

The Black-Headed Gull – A Sly And Laughing Hunter

In the cold season, the black-headed seagulls are regular guests on our waterfronts and are able to cheer up more than a grey winter day: how can we imagine our beaches and lakefronts without their acrobatic flights, fast as lightning, with which...

Greylag goose

The Greylag Goose – A Playful Migrant Bird

The migrations of the wild geese have inspired many stories and the species was also one of the first birds to be the subject of behavioural studies, in particular by the ethologist Konrad Lorenz who highlighted the phenomenon of the imprinting of...

Great white pelican

The Great White Pelican – The Immense Migrator Bird

The great white pelican is an imposing bird; its huge beak has a bag of skin attached to its underside which is used to collect the fish it has caught. The decreasing numbers of this species is mainly due to human related activities. While once it...

Rock dove

The Rock Dove – The Bird Of The City Squares

The rock dove, also known as common pigeon, is a bird with which we have a rather controversial relationship. It often populates city squares and is rather despised because it’s considered a carrier of diseases such as salmonella. In truth, it’s not...

Grey wagtail

The Grey Wagtail – Lemon-Coloured Ballerina

On the banks of streams and small mountain creeks, it’s not difficult to meet a striking and lively species due to the bright lemon color of the feathers and the snappy movements of the tail: it’s the grey wagtail! Unlike most species, the grey...


The Blackbird – A Singer In A Total Black Look

With its melodious flute song, which sometimes resounds already in January, the blackbird is one of the first heralds of spring. He likes to sing from exposed places, such as rooftops or treetops, so that his singing can be heard from far away. The...