Federico "Fred" Fiorillo

Hello, my name is Fred and I’m a nature guide and content writer. Currently based in the magnificent Val de Bagnes, Switzerland. I’m an avid hiker and snowboarder and I travel to the great wilderness areas of the world to see the wildlife and birds I’m passionate of. Inspired by an alternative lifestyle I believe in the importance of being in connection with the natural environment.

Little egret

The Little Egret – A Note Of Whiteness On The Water

White as snow, the little egret lands on the shallow water of the swamps showing off the long white flight feathers, which make this heron reach a meter long wingspan. The neck is long and sinuous, with a sharp and pointy beak, often used to pierce...

Tula fighting geese

Tula Fighting Geese – An Ancient Russian Fighting Species

The Tula is the biggest of the fighter species of geese and also the one that’s classified as the oldest. Bred from 1814 in the Russian city of Tula for competitive purposes. The merchants and the wealthy citizen of Tula used to have regular bird...

Mute swan

The Mute Swan – The Elegant Inhabitant Of Water

Symbol of elegance and majesty, it’s precisely the mute swan that inspired the tale of the ugly duckling. Clumsy and greyish as a child, as an adult it becomes a large bird with completely white plumage, bright red-orange beak and long arched neck...


The Moorhen – A Widespread Migrant Bird

Moorhen prefer to make their nest in the dense vegetation along the banks of ponds, lakes and rivers and reveal their presence only when performing their guttural calls. In winter they are much easier to observe as they abandon their sheltered...

Cape Barren goose (Cereopsis novaehollandie)

The Cape Barren Goose – An Exotic Species Of Goose

The Cape Barren goose belongs to the Anseriformes order, in the Anatidae family, its scientific name is Cereopsis novaehollandiae, from the greek “keros” meaning “wax” and “opsis” that means “similar” as its beak is covered with a waxy looking...

Brahma chickens

The Brahma Chicken – Giant, Ornamental Asian Chicken

The Brahma chicken is an Asian breed of controversial origins. Many people, because of the name given to this breed, believe it originates from India, others from China. Most likely it comes from a cross made in India between the Cochin (a Chinese...

Great egret

The Great Egret – The Lord Of The Wetlands

The great egret’s was once very rare but fortunately its population has increased enormously in the latter half of the 20th century. Its beautiful feathers, up to 50 cm long, were extremely popular as decorative plumes in ladies’ fashion in the 19th...