Federico "Fred" Fiorillo

Hello, my name is Fred and I’m a nature guide and content writer. Currently based in the magnificent Val de Bagnes, Switzerland. I’m an avid hiker and snowboarder and I travel to the great wilderness areas of the world to see the wildlife and birds I’m passionate of. Inspired by an alternative lifestyle I believe in the importance of being in connection with the natural environment.

Grey wagtail

The Grey Wagtail – Lemon-Coloured Ballerina

On the banks of streams and small mountain creeks, it’s not difficult to meet a striking and lively species due to the bright lemon color of the feathers and the snappy movements of the tail: it’s the grey wagtail! Unlike most species, the grey...


The Blackbird – A Singer In A Total Black Look

With its melodious flute song, which sometimes resounds already in January, the blackbird is one of the first heralds of spring. He likes to sing from exposed places, such as rooftops or treetops, so that his singing can be heard from far away. The...

Alpine Chough

The Alpine Chough – A Regular of the Ski Resorts

The Alpine chough is a familiar figure for mountain-goers: an acrobat of the air, it sails effortlessly around the highest peaks facing the most impetuous winds. Winter tourism allows these birds to resist even during the cold season at altitudes of...


The Bullfinch – A Bird With a Passion for Music Covers

The Bullfinch is the jewel of our woods: the bright colours of the male contrast with the elegant sobriety of the female. However, it is a discreet bird, which does not like to show itself in the open. Its short, sharp-edged beak is a great tool for...

Alpine Swift

The Alpine Swift – A Life In Flight

Six months of uninterrupted flight, never landing: this is how the Alpine swifts spend the entire wintering period in West Africa, it even manages to enjoy some form of sleep while continuing to soar in the air. This distinctive behavior was...

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle – Queen of the Skies

A spectacular flight characterized by fast ascents, reckless swoops and sudden attacks on the prey, a very sharp sight, a majestic and elegant profile. No wonder that the golden eagle has been loved and venerated by mankind in every age and culture...

Western Osprey

The Western Osprey – The Great Hunter of the Water World

The Western Osprey is a cosmopolitan. Its swooping flight is particularly impressive: at great speed it launches towards the surface of the water, projecting its enormous paws forward just before the impact with its prey. Sometimes it dives...


The Goldfinch – A Happy Bird Full of Meaning

This agile and acrobatic little bird plays a symbolic role in European culture. According to Greek mythology, Athena transformed Acalante, into a Goldfinch. But it also represents the soul leaving the body when death comes, a legacy of the ancient...

Wild Turkey male

The Wild Turkey – Born in the USA

Benjamin Franklin secretly preferred the wild turkey, rather than the bald eagle, as the United States’ national bird, and for good reasons, as he regarded it as a true original Native American bird. This noble bird was already the favorite...