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About Us

Welcome, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching birds, learning about their behaviors and habitats and sharing our knowledge with our audience. Here is where you will find everything bird related with dazzling images and surprising facts.

Our group is dedicated to educating people about birds and helping them to care for their feathered friends. We are made up of biologists, ornithologist and other professionals that have made understanding birds, their habitats and their life cycle our mission in life.

We are dedicated to fostering understanding of the natural world and the birds that live in it.

As you can see, we are all bird lovers here and we are ready to make bird lovers out of all our visitors. We are all about birds.

We love the way they look; we love watching them interact with their natural surroundings and we love the value that they add to our lives.

It has been a lifelong dream of many members of our group to share our extensive knowledge about birds around the world with the world. We enjoy helping people to foster a love of birds through educating them about all the different species.

As professionals we have had the joy of spending our careers building our knowledge base and we though it would great to spread the information that we have gained through out the years. This website was born with one simple intention, to share our love of birds.

We have some simple goals. We want to share our extensive knowledge about birds and how they live to help people gain a better understanding of these magnificent creatures.

We want you to enjoy our pages and use them to learn about the different birds of the world.

It is our hope through these pages we can teach people how important birds are to the ecosystems of the world and help them to fall in love as much as we have. This website is a labor of love that we have created to spread the news about birds and to help people enjoy them more.

We know that education is the key to helping to preserve species and the environments that they live in. Enter the fascinating world of birds and learn something new today!

We invite you to browse our pages and send questions or comments. We would love to hear what you think about the birds on these pages!