Anwar Siddiqui

Anwar Siddiqui is a physician and avid bird enthusiast. He has spent over 20 years raising a wide variety of birds including pigeons, doves, hummingbirds, parakeets, cockatiels, finches, and African Grey Parrots. In his free time, he enjoys writing and photography related to birds and the beauty of nature.

Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias)

The great blue heron may be termed “great” simply due to its sheer size. Standing at roughly 4 feet tall with a wingspan of 6 feet, it is the largest heron found in North America. In spite of its massive size, the great blue heron is able...

Green-Cheeked parakeet

The Green-Cheeked Parakeet (Pyrrhura Molinae)

Green-cheeked parakeets are also known as green-cheeked conures. These playful parrots are popular pet choices due to their fun personalities. Let’s get to know these colorful and captivating birds a little better.