The 10 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders 2020
best squirrel-proof bird feeder

The 10 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders 2020

Adding a bird feeder to your backyard can give you the option to see a huge number of bird species without a lot of effort. However, many bird feeders also bring in other critters, the squirrel being one that is extremely common.

These animals can be cuddly and cute to watch, but they can also wreak havoc on many of the most popular bird feeders. Today, we’re going to offer some squirrel-proof bird feeder reviews.

When we’re done, you’ll know what the best squirrel-proof bird feeders are so you can select the right one for your needs.

Top 10 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Reviews for 2020

Here are the best anti-squirrel bird feeders 2020:

  1. Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder
  2. Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder
  3. Stokes Select 38068 Bird Feeder
  4. Audobon Caged Type Bird Feeder NATUBE3
  5. Roamwild PestOff Red Cardinal Bird Feeder
  6. Perky-Pet Wilderness Lantern Bird Feeder
  7. Perky-Pet 338 II Country House Bird Feeder
  8. Heritage Farms Woodlink Bird Feeder 7533
  9. Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder
  10. Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

1. Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder

The way this bird feeder works is through automatically closing over the feed so the squirrel cannot eat. It has been made of a chew-proof material, so there’s no need to worry about damage. Brome offers lifetime care and service as long as you own it. This feeder features a seed ventilation system to keep the seed fresh and you can adjust the weight system.

  • Simple to clean.
  • Perching area measures weight to detect squirrels.
  • Seed lid closes due to squirrel weight.
  • Features seed ventilation system.
  • Squirrels who get on the ledge can get birdseed.

The verdict here is that it is the best squirrel-proof bird feeder on the market. The product is the best example of a feeder that is nearly entirely squirrel-proof so you can enjoy the birds in your yard without worry.

2. Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder

Those who want a simple and inexpensive bird feeder that keeps the squirrels out will enjoy this product. It features rust-free materials, a tray-style feeding system, and a sure lock cap. It also costs next to nothing so anyone can hang it in their favorite tree in the backyard. One of the perks of this feeder is that it offers a 360 view for bird watching.

  • Large carrying capacity of two pounds.
  • Seeds are safe from the elements.
  • Lid is tight to keep squirrels out.
  • Made of non-rust materials.
  • Squirrels on the ledge can steal some seed.

If what you want is a budget buy that works, our verdict is that this is the bird feeder you want. Squirrels are likely not going to figure it out, and it isn’t going to break the bank to purchase.

3. Stokes Select 38068 Bird Feeder

For many people, having an easy to use bird feeder is a must. This is a great option that offers a 10-inch diameter feeder with a dual-layer metal cage and solid lid to let even large birds into the main chamber while large animals like squirrels are not able to get in. The interior can take both seed and suet cakes, which makes it a breeze to refill.

  • Simple to install on a tree or metal bars.
  • Small birds can eat without threat from predators.
  • Offers a 360-degree view of bird feeding sessions.
  • The tight cage prevents squirrels from reaching the seed.
  • Suet falls from the cage and can be messy.

Our verdict is that this is the best squirrel-resistant bird feeder for those who want an easy-to-use option. Add seed, and you are good to go.

4. Audobon Caged Type Bird Feeder NATUBE3

While this feeder isn’t going to keep every squirrel out, its design keeps most of them away without issues. It is a cage tube with the seeds kept in the middle where squirrels can see them but not reach them. It’s made for smaller birds so it may not fit everyone’s needs, but for the price and due to how well it works, many are likely to appreciate it.

  • Cage system prevents squirrels from getting to seed.
  • Offers a lock-in system to allow only birds.
  • The top cap keeps seeds away from moisture and elements.
  • Holds up to one-quarter pound of seeds.
  • Only useful for feeding small birds.

Verdict on this one? If you aren’t big on the bird feeder above this one but want something easy to use, this is the option you want.

5. Roamwild PestOff Red Cardinal Bird Feeder

Are you looking for some of the most beautiful birds in your yard? If cardinals are interesting to you, this might be the right bird feeder for your needs. It has a larger and more durable perch that can handle their additional weight. The feed ports on the device close when larger critters try to climb up.

  • Hang-and-go design is easy to use.
  • Offers excellent value for the price.
  • Features a large refill capacity.
  • Hatch closes automatically when large animal perches.
  • Plastic tubing needs to be placed out of squirrel reach by a few inches.

If you are interested in cardinals, in particular, the verdict is that this is the right bird feeder for it. It has a large storage tube that can seeds like sunflower seeds, which cardinals really enjoy.

6. Perky-Pet Wilderness Lantern Bird Feeder

While size and type of feeder are important, so is the way a bird feeder looks for many people. This one offers an interesting rustic design while providing plenty of security to keep the squirrels away. It offers metal cutouts along with the glass for design and security purposes and a locking cap on top. You can even adjust the feeding perches to fit different bird species.

  • Offers a great way to express a rustic style.
  • Comes with a large two-pound seed capacity.
  • Four feeding perches adjustable for different sizes of birds.
  • Feeding platform may be too small for some birds.
Perky-Pet 338 Squirrel Be Gone II Country House Bird Feeder

Sometimes having an attractive bird feeder matters and our verdict is that this is the best one out there. Not only will it bring in all the pretty birds, but it will look great while doing so.

7. Perky-Pet 338 II Country House Bird Feeder

Not only is this a useful bird feeder that can hang from nearly anywhere, but it’s aesthetically pleasing on top of that. This squirrel-proof bird feeder looks like a barn with a door, windows, and a weathervane on top. If you pop it on top of a metal post, squirrels will have trouble getting anywhere near it. It comes in your choice of red or green.

  • Can hang from hooks, branches, ledges, and more.
  • Weight-sensitive adjustable perch prevents squirrel feeding.
  • Features roof peak with lock for easy refilling.
  • Might be troublesome to keep clean.

If you really want to keep squirrels out, a post feeder is a good option, and our verdict is that this is the best one out there. Hanging bird feeders are easier for squirrels to get into, and this prevents the issue.

A small bird feeder is easier to place and maintain, but a larger one is going to offer the opportunity to bring in a larger variety of birds. This bird feeder can be hung from a tree or placed on a pool and holds up to 15 pounds of birdseed mix. It has a top lock for refilling and to prevent squirrels from getting into the food.

  • Holds a massive 15 pounds of birdseed mix.
  • Features a powder-coated steel body for durability.
  • Can be hung or pole-mounted depending on preference.
  • Not all birds can easily land on the perching area.

The verdict here is that this bird feeder is your best option if you want something that can hold a ton of seed. It’s especially squirrel-proof if you choose to mount it atop a pole instead of in a tree.

9. Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder

If what you want is a bird feeder that uses modern technology to keep the squirrels out, this one by Droll Yankees is going to offer what you need. It offers a weight-activated system like many bird feeders, but a motor turns on and spins to remove any squirrels going for the food. It looks simple, but it has a lot going for it and might be the big gun you want for bird watching.

  • Offers a motorized perch that spins if a squirrel triggers it.
  • Can hold five pounds of seed and offers four seed ports.
  • Comes with an AC/DC adapter and a rechargeable battery.
  • Extremely expensive compared to most other simple bird feeders.

The verdict here is this is the most innovative and interesting bird feeder on the market. Yes, it costs more than a typical bird feeder, but there’s a reason for that.

10. Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

If what you want is a simple bird feeder to rest in the window so you can watch birds at your leisure, this is the best choice you are going to find. It is a well-protected feeder that sticks to the window and is made of clear plastic. The design offers an unobstructed view of any birds who come to feed at the window and is meant to be put in the middle of the glass to be out of reach of squirrels and other animals.

  • Clear plastic makes it easy to watch birds.
  • Offers good value for the money.
  • The roof offers protection to the birdseed.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.
  • Not safe when placed on window ledge.

This is the best choice for someone who wants to watch birds from inside. It’s a reasonable price and easy to use for someone who is just getting into watching birds or someone who wants an accessible option that can be used indoors.

Different Types of Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

So now that you have the top 10 squirrel-proof bird feeder reviews, it’s time to consider what sets these feeders apart. The main difference between bird feeders meant to prevent squirrels from perching is the mechanism to keep the animals out. There a few different options, which we’ll go over below.

best squirrel-proof bird feeder

Bird Feeders with Cages

One of the simplest ways to keep squirrels out of the birdseed is with a cage. The cages on the feeder typically have little holes that let in birds of all sizes but that are too small for squirrels to get into. However, larger birds are going to have issues too, so these are best for those who want to see smaller birds in the yard.

Bird Feeders with Weight Sensitive Perches

The most popular option of keeping squirrels out of seed is through a perch that weighs whatever lands on it. Most of the birds that go to yards weigh a few ounces while squirrels are much heavier.

With a weight-sensitive perch, a spring is located on the feeder. When a squirrel touches the perch and puts weight on it, the door activates and closes up the areas where food comes out.

Bird Feeders with Motors

Motorized bird feeders might be the most fun to watch in action. If a squirrel jumps up, the motor pops on, and the feeder starts to spin. This will knock off the squirrel (along with any birds who are there at the same time). The squirrels can struggle to stay on but will end up being flung into the yard.


The choice of which is the best squirrel-proof bird feeder now comes to you, but you should have the information you need to make a good choice. That might be our top choice, or it might be one of the others. Think about the method for repelling squirrels that makes the most sense to you and whether it fits your budget.

Enjoy the birds and the lack of squirrels while they dip into your yard to feed!