Raeesah Habib

Raeesah Habib is a South African conservationist and freelance writer. She completed a diploma in nature conservation in 2016 through the University of South Africa (UNISA). During her internship, she spent a year working with wattled cranes on the Wattled Crane Recovery Programme (WCRP).

The program aims to prevent the local extinction of the wattled crane in Southern Africa through the release of captive-reared individuals into critically endangered wild populations across the country. During her time at the research facility, she was also responsible for the general monitoring and husbandry of other magnificent species, including blue cranes and secretary birds.

Following her internship, she was fortunate to have worked in some spectacular wilderness areas across the country, including the Cradle of Humankind, the Kruger National Park, and the northern Zululand. As a wildlife monitor, her responsibilities included conducting bird point counts. Birds surveys are a useful means to collect data on the avian populations in an area. The data helps researchers gain an understanding of population trends and ecosystem health.

When not in the field, Rae enjoys writing to share her passion, knowledge, and experiences with others.

Arctic Loon Close Up

The Arctic Loon – Master Diver of the North

Also known as the black-throated diver, the Arctic loon is a northern migratory waterbird of the Gaviidae family. Once considered conspecific with the closely related Pacific loon, these two birds are now regarded as sister species together with the...

Greater Scaups on a Rock

The Greater Scaup (Blue Bill duck)

The type species of the genus Aythya was first identified in the 18th century in Lapland, Finland; roots of a prehistoric relative trace back to the Early Pleistocene.  In his ancient texts, Aristotle mentions an unidentified seabird that laid...

Bachman's Warbler

The Extinction of Bachman’s Warbler (With Pictures)

Emerging from the shadows of its bottomland forest habitat in the early 19th century, the disappearance of Bachman’s Warbler was almost as obscure as its existence. Naturalist John Bachman, a close friend and colleague of James Audubon, first...

Desert Wheatear Close Up

Return of the Desert Wheatear (Oenanthe deserti)

As daffodils and crocuses start poking through the snow across the Northern Hemisphere, flocks of birds return from their southern wintering grounds. Goldfinches are among the first to announce the coming of spring, orioles ignite the landscape in...

Lilac-Breasted Roller

Birds of the African Savanna (With Pictures)

The African savanna supports an abundance of wildlife. Characterised by an extensive cover of grasses and scattered trees, the savannah provides both nesting sites as well as suitable hunting grounds for a diversity of bird species. This element...

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

15 Birds of Uganda (With Pictures)

Located in the heart of East Africa, Uganda’s diverse landscape—ranging from dense rainforests and expansive savannas to serene lakeshores and mist-covered mountains—supports over a thousand bird species.  Uganda also serves as a stopover and...

African green broadbill

Birds of the African Rainforests (With Pictures)

The rainforests of Africa are a treasure trove of biodiversity, boasting an incredible array of flora and fauna. Among the myriad of species that call these lush habitats home, birds stand out as the most vibrant and diverse inhabitants of the...

Crowned sandgrouse

Birds of the Sahara (With Pictures)

The African continent, with its diversity of landscapes, houses the third-largest desert in the world. At over 9 million square kilometres, the Sahara stretches across the north, from the Red Sea and the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, encompassing...

Peregrine falcon

Africa’s Birds of Prey (With Pictures)

Raptors are the supreme predators of the skies. Adapted for the hunt, they are equipped with sharp vision, large wings, hooked bills, and powerful talons.  Birds of prey are generally associated with hunting large vertebrates. However, many non...

Tawny eagle

The Eagles of Africa

The quintessential bird of prey and symbol of strength, courage, and prestige, among others—varying across cultures, the eagle is one of the most heralded animals on Earth. Eagles belong to the Accipteridae family, which includes other hook-billed...