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Barn swallow

The Barn Swallow – A Symbol Of Spring

A time-honored symbol for the coming of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the barn swallow is a distinctive, widespread, and revered species. It is the subject of many cultural references and features prominently in literary works. There are six...

Rosy starling

Rosy Starling – The Pinkest Bird In The World?

The rosy starling (Pastor roseus), aka rose-colored starling, aka rosy pastor is perhaps one of the pinkest birds in the world and certainly among the very colorful starling (Sturnidae) family. My first memory of seeing this truly exotic looking...

Greater spotted eagle

The Greater Spotted Eagle (Clanga Clanga)

A large raptor with a small and dwindling population size, the greater spotted eagle belongs to the Accipitridae – a family of eagles, kites, harriers, and hawks. The name clanga means scream in Ancient Greek, but the genus name is derived from the...

Amur falcon

Magnificent Migrants – The Amur Falcons

The demure Amur falcon, Falco amurensis, is a small, migratory raptor of the falconidae family. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in spirit as each year the Amur falcon makes a treacherous journey south from the Far East across the Arabian Sea...