Sean Minns

Sean Minns is a British birder and ornithologist with nearly 40 years in the field. He enjoys learning about the behaviour of birds first-hand, especially seabirds, is interested in the conservation of them and their habitats worldwide and has travelled to over 40 countries observing, studying and photographing them any chance he gets.


Rook – Sentinel Of The Farmlands

Just before dusk during the short days of winter in virtually any farmed area across much of western and central Europe large wheeling flocks of rooks (Corvus frugilegus) gather in the gloom in the tops of tall trees in traditional pre-roosts. The...

Eurasian blue tit

Eurasian Blue Tit – Bluest Of The Blue

The Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus), is certainly a bird that lives up to its name, adding a splash of color to the bird feeders of many a garden bird table. Formerly a denizen of deep dark woodland, it is a species that has adapted well to...

Rosy starling

Rosy Starling – The Pinkest Bird In The World?

The rosy starling (Pastor roseus), aka rose-colored starling, aka rosy pastor is perhaps one of the pinkest birds in the world and certainly among the very colorful starling (Sturnidae) family. My first memory of seeing this truly exotic looking...