Patrick Kuklinski

Patrick is a long-time bird enthusiast & writer residing in New Hampshire. With an incessant desire to learn more about animals and share information to promote conservation and welfare, Patrick has written for publications including Reptiles, BirdTalk, Tenderly and others.

As of 2022, Patrick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Southern New Hampshire University. Patrick has worked with a variety of birds, from the coveted Ayam Cemani chicken to dozens of parrot species.

He aims to share knowledge about birds to spread awareness of the issues that impact them; with 4% of all birds currently recognized as Endangered, learning more about birds & how we affect them is crucial.

Germain's peacock-pheasant

6 Birds Similar To Peacocks

Peacocks are beloved for their regal appearances and stunning breeding displays. Peacocks have become symbolic over their years of being kept by humans; often they signify royalty, but peacocks can also be associated with love or loyalty...

Toco Toucan

11 Birds With Orange Beaks

In the bird world, bright colors hold lots of meaning. Bright colors in birds can factor into unusual camouflage, breeding displays, and even status rankings. Often, bright colors in birds are also associated with tropical environments, you’ll see...

Ferruginous Hawk

11 Hawks in California

Hawks are birds of prey that can turn heads anywhere they fly. What exactly is a hawk, and how do they differ from other birds of prey? Hawks make up some of the birds in the family Accipitridae, even birds without ‘hawk’ in their name such as...

Peregrine Falcon

3 Falcons in North Carolina

Falcons are some of the world’s most adaptable & skilled predators. What exactly is a falcon? These birds of prey are often confused with similar predatory birds such as hawks. ‘Falcons’ include any bird in the genus Falco, even birds without...

Northern Flicker

Woodpeckers in Illinois

Woodpeckers are found almost everywhere around the globe – anywhere where dead trees & insects are plentiful. Woodpeckers are known for their distinct adaptation – a long, powerful bill that they use both to drill for insects and to...

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

7 Hummingbirds In Kansas

The small hummingbird is a treasured bird to many, and for good reason. These speedy birds are amusing to watch in flight; they can hover and fly backwards. Despite their small size, these birds are also fiercely territorial, and you may see...

Eastern screech owl

8 Owls in Lousiana

The state of Louisiana contains many diverse habitats, allowing a plethora of biodiversity. Louisiana’s swamps and marshes are famous for the unique animals they contain, like alligators but sometimes, the state’s various plentiful bird species are...