Kim Anisi

Kim is a writer and animal care assistant. She currently works with a few dozen birds of prey in Scotland and can't remember a time when she wasn't involved with birds one way or the other. Before her move to the UK, she volunteered for bird rescues in New Zealand and worked with a variety of birds. You can often find her with a camera in the woods, watching birds and taking photos. Her favorite birds include gulls, corvids, chickens, and various birds of prey.

Wood Pigeon

10 Common UK Birds (With Pictures)

The UK isn’t known for its beautiful and exotic birds. Unlike countries like Australia and the Amazon, for example, the UK doesn’t have a wide variety of colourful birds. That doesn’t mean that the most common UK birds are boring; it only means that...

Common Redpoll

9 Birds With Red Head in the UK (With Pictures)

Birds with red heads aren’t very common in the UK, but there are a few species that stand out when you manage to spot them. In this article, you’ll learn about the elusive Black Grouse, the acrobatic Swallow, the majestic Pheasant, the cute...

Barnacle Goose

26 Black and White Birds in the UK (With Pictures)

The UK isn’t known for its colorful birds, but when it comes to black and white birds, the UK is a paradise for bird lovers who prefer simpler color combos. In this article, you’ll get to know the basic information about an amazing total of 27...


The 10 Smallest Birds in the UK (With Pictures)

If you’ve seen a fleeting glimpse of a tiny bird with a golden crest or spotted a tiny round bird in a bush, you probably wonder what you’ve seen if you aren’t yet familiar with the smallest birds in the UK. Everyone knows about...


14 Species of Finches in the UK (With Pictures)

The UK is home to 14 species of finches, with some species living all over the UK while others are limited to certain regions. In the past, especially in Victorian times, finches used to be kept as cage birds in large numbers and were often crossed...

Golden Eagle

Eagles in the UK (With Pictures)

In the United Kingdom, seeing eagles in the wild remains a rare treat unless you live on or visit the Isle of Mull, the Isle of Wight, the Scottish Highlands, or one of the other regions where conservation efforts are underway. Eagles have always...