Allan McLennan

Allan lives on the Sub-Tropical East Coast of South Africa in an area rich in birdlife.

Participants in his guided walks benefit from his forty years of experience and passion for birds. In addition, his monthly bird talks, as do his Birding with Allan Mclennan podcasts, attract a large following.

His other two passions are photographing and painting birds.

He has been involved with numerous local bird counts and is a frequent award winner of South African National Parks Birding events.

Pygmy Tit

82 Types of Tit Birds (Paridae)

The Tits are a diverse group of small passerine birds which belong to the order Passiformes. The family Paridae includes Tits (sometimes called Chickadees), which are found in most continents except Australia, Greenland, and South America. These...

Hatchling First Cry

How long do birds live? (With Pictures)

That is the one question I get a lot. How long do birds live? We have seen different species live between three to over eighty years. A lot depends on the species and how we measure their life spans. This is a difficult subject to know for certainty...

White Necked Raven Closeup

White-necked Raven – Corvus albicollis (With Pictures)

“The night was dark and stormy – the rain came tumbling down, the shadow of the raven ……”. This is the typical scenario in fictional horror novels and movies where ravens and crows are stereotyped. Their dark colours, large bills, and equally...

Closeup Shot of Female Somali Ostrich

The Somali Ostrich (Struthio molybdophanes)

Ostriches belong to a group called ‘ratites.’ (Group of flightless birds) When we think of flightless birds, a handful of species come to mind, such as ostriches, rheas, emus, kiwis, penguins, and cassowaries. There are approximately 60 species of...

Common Goldeneye Male

Types of Sea Ducks (Mergini) (With Pictures)

Sea ducks, also known as Merginae, are a group of waterbirds belonging to the Anatidae family, including geese, ducks, and swans. These birds have evolved to live in marine environments and have adapted unique physical features to thrive in this...

Western Osprey

Birds eating fish (With Pictures)

Although fish are high in protein and nutritious, they are elusive to catch. Aside from the fact that they live in water, they are slippery and very fast. Fish have been a favourite food source for birds for thousands of years. Birds have adapted...

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Woodpeckers and their unique tongues

According to the International Ornithological Committee, there are 240 different species of woodpeckers. They are spread worldwide except for Australia, New Guinea, Madagascar, and New Zealand. This means you can almost go anywhere on holiday and...

Blue-winged teal, Spatula discors

Winter Migratory Birds of Florida (With Pictures)

Birds that migrate? What necessitates this? When the climate changes and it gets colder, food becomes scarce, which is the primary drive for migrators to find grounds further south where food is more abundant. They don’t just get up and fly randomly...

Lesser Masked Weaver (Ploceus intermedius)

Weavers of South Africa (With Pictures)

Weavers, what beautiful birds, especially during its frenetic breeding season. After molting, the males display their beautiful new colors. This brings the annual race to start weaving and building their intricate nests. They use their excellent...