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Greater Scaups on a Rock

The Greater Scaup (Blue Bill duck)

The type species of the genus Aythya was first identified in the 18th century in Lapland, Finland; roots of a prehistoric relative trace back to the Early Pleistocene.  In his ancient texts, Aristotle mentions an unidentified seabird that laid...

Pygmy Tit

82 Types of Tit Birds (Paridae)

The Tits are a diverse group of small passerine birds which belong to the order Passiformes. The family Paridae includes Tits (sometimes called Chickadees), which are found in most continents except Australia, Greenland, and South America. These...

Wood Pigeon

10 Common UK Birds (With Pictures)

The UK isn’t known for its beautiful and exotic birds. Unlike countries like Australia and the Amazon, for example, the UK doesn’t have a wide variety of colourful birds. That doesn’t mean that the most common UK birds are boring; it only means that...