Jacob Irgens-Møller Nielsen

Jacob Irgens-Møller Nielsen is a Danish ecologist, and birder. Apart from this he’s also an avid rock climber and photographer and enjoys bird spotting around the Wadden Sea on the Danish west coast.

Since 2017 he has been working with drones and A.I in his small business to improve the management of coastal bird habitats, by combing his knowledge of biology with new technologies to make algorithms for automatic nature mapping and bird counting. By using drones to monitor the birds and their habitats, less time is spent by humans to walk through their nesting and feeding grounds, making it a much less invasive method of mapping and counting.

He spent 2021 in an internship in a Danish NGO focusing on bird protection and media creation about birds, where he spent a lot of time in the field listening to and learning about the different coastal birds the Wadden Sea area has to offer. Being involved in multiple EU Better BirdLIFE projects, he has also spent a lot of time dealing with the bureaucracy of nature protection.

He also works for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, where he is managing the Danish Natura 2000-areas and Bird Protection areas.

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