Yellow-eyed Penguin2001

Yellow-eyed Penguin2001


Worldwide Species Action Plans

Yellow-eyed Penguin action planHoiho (Megadyptes antipodes) are large (4.31Ð6.69 kg, Marchant and Higgins 1990), distinctive birds that are found along the South East South Island, islands off Stewart Island as well as Stewart Island itself and on the Auckland and Campbell Islands of the New Zealand subantarctic. The birds are equally dependent on marine and terrestrial habitats. The terrestrial environment supplies the essential life cycle requirements of breeding and moulting. The marine environment provides food for both adults and progeny and is essential for dispersal and movement. Hoiho are considered a threatened species (Department of Conservation 1991b) owing to their restricted range, and dramatic periods of decline in parts of this range in the recent past (Department of Conservation 1991b, Darby 1985). Ratz (1997), however, shows that in the period 1959Ð94 there has been no over-all decline on the Otago Peninsula. The Department of Conservation has ranked hoiho a Category B species for conservation priority (Molloy and Davis 1994). Hoiho are an intrinsically robust species with a high reproductive rate compared to other seabirds and substantial longevity (Richdale 1957).

  1. Eudyptula antipodes
  2. Megadyptes antipodes
  3. AU New Zealand

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