Wilsons Warbler2003

Wilsons Warbler2003


Worldwide Species Action Plans

Wilsons Warbler action planWilsons warbler (Wilsonia pusilla pileolata) populations are reported to be stable to declining range-wide, and appear to be stable to increasing within U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region. Loss of riparian habitats through dewatering, livestock grazing, and development and disturbance by recreation in riparian areas are the primary threats to Wilsons warblers. Neotropical migrant songbirds, such as the Wilsons warbler, represent a unique challenge for identifying threats and potential impacts to populations. In general, it is difficult to monitor songbird populations, and this is exacerbated in large portions of U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region due to isolated mountainous habitat. Consequently, the population status of Wilsons warblers is difficult to determine for this assessment. However, if impacts and future threats to important habitat areas are identified and mitigated, we believe positive responses for species such as the Wilsons warbler will result within this region.

  1. Wilsonia pusilla pusilla
  2. Wilsonia pusilla chryseola
  3. Wilsonia pusilla pileolata
  4. Wilsonia pusilla
  5. NA w, n

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