Whiskered Tern

Whiskered Tern


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[order] Charadriiformes |

Whiskered Tern determination[order] Charadriiformes | [family] Sternidae | [latin] Chlidonias hybridus | [UK] Whiskered Tern | [FR] Guifette moustac | [DE] Weißbart-Seeschwalbe | [ES] Gaviotín Bigotudo | [IT] Mignattino piombato | [NL] Witwangstern

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Chlidonias hybrida javanicus Australia
  2. Chlidonias hybrida delalandii s and e Africa, Madagascar
  3. Chlidonias hybrida hybrida n Africa and sw Europe to c Asia, se Siberia, China and se Asia
  4. Chlidonias hybrida AF, EU, OR, AU widespread


Reproductive parameters in relation to food supply in the whiskered tern ( Chlidonias hybrida )
Author(s): Jean-Marc Paillisson, Sébastien Reeber, Alexandre Carpentier and Loïc Marion
Abstract: It is generally accepted that breeding terns are sensitive to food supply and that their reproductive effort could be substantially affected by the availability and access to resources. In this study we examined reproductive parameters in the whisker..[more]..
Source: J Ornithol (2007) 148:79-84
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