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[order] Strigiformes |

Tawny Owl determination[order] Strigiformes | [family] Strigidae | [latin] Strix aluco | [UK] Tawny Owl | [FR] Chouette hulotte | [DE] Waldkauz | [ES] Cárabo Común | [IT] Allocco comune | [NL] Bosuil

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Strix aluco willkonskii ne Turkey and nw Iran to Turkmenistan
  2. Strix aluco sylvatica w and s Europe, w Turkey
  3. Strix aluco siberiae Ural Mts. to w Siberia
  4. Strix aluco sanctinicolai ne Iraq and w Iran
  5. Strix aluco mauritanica nw Africa
  6. Strix aluco harmsi Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
  7. Strix aluco biddulphi Pakistan and nw India
  8. Strix aluco aluco n, c and se Europe through the Ukraine and European Russia
  9. Strix aluco EU w Eurasia, n Africa


Possible first record of double brooding in the tawny owl Strix aluco
Author(s): Iñigo Zuberogoitia, Jose Antonio Martínez, Agurtzane Ir ta, Ainara Azkona & Iñaki Castillo
Abstract: […].A Tawny Owl population in Bizkaia was monitored between 1992 and 2003, producing a description of its breeding ecology (Zuberogoitia & Campos, 1998; Zuberogoitia & Martínez, 2000; Zuberogoitia, 2002). During the course of the study, one possibl..[more]..
Source: Ardeola 51(2), 2004, 437-439
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Tawny Owl’s territory occupancy in Eastern Latvia.
Author(s): Avotins, A
Abstract: The Tawny Owl’s territory occupancy was studied on two
plots in Eastern Latvia. By mapping Tawny Owl calling sites and by using
activity stimulation, the spacing of pairs and solitary individuals was traced
over 6 years. The Tawny Owl population i..[more]..
Source: Bird Census News 13 (2000):167-173
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Wood quality and the Tawny Owl Strix aluco in different forest
types of central Italy

Author(s): Luca Salvati, Alberto Manganar & Lamberto Ranazzi
Abstract: We correlated breeding density and proportion of wooded area per territory of Tawny Owl Strix aluco measured in four deciduous forest types with forest elevation and songbird abundance, both regarded as estimators of forest productivity. The proporti..[more]..
Source: ORNIS SVECICA 12:47-51, 2002
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Wood quality and the Tawny Owl Strix aluco in different forest
types of central Italy

Author(s): Luca Salvati, Alberto Manganar & Lamberto Ranazzi
Abstract: The population of Tawny Owls Strix aluco breeding in urban Rome, Italy, was studied from 1992 to 2001. Yearly density (range: 0.9-1.1 territories km-2) was rather stable compared with data from central Europe, likely due to mild weather conditions an..[more]..
Source: ORNIS SVECICA 12:63-67, 2002
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Analysis of genetic parentage in the tawny owl ( Strix aluco ) reveals extra-pair paternity is low
Author(s): Verena Saladin, Mathias Ritschard et al.
Abstract: We have investigated genetic parentage in a Swiss population of tawny owls (Strix aluco). To this end, we performed genetic analysis for six polymorphic loci of 49 avian microsatellite loci tested for cross-species amplification. We found one extra-p..[more]..
Source: J Ornithol (2007) 148:113-116
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Living at the limit: Ecology and behaviour of Tawny Owls Strix aluco in a northern edge population in central Norway.
Author(s): Sunde P., Overskaug K., Bolstad J.P. & Oien IJ.
Abstract: The Tawny Owl Strix aluco was studied at the northernmost limit of its geographical range (63degree20’N) in order to investigate how this extremely residential species has adapted to the marginal conditions of its northern outpost. The presence of ne..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 89 (3): 495-508.
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Breeding of the tawny owl Strix aluco in Finland: responses of a southern colonist to the highly variable environment of the north
Author(s): T. Solonen
Abstract: Large-scale patterns and variations in the occurrence and breeding of the Tawny Owl Strix aluco in Finland was studied in relation to the availability of small voles and winter ing birds as well as to general weather conditions of the preceding winte..[more]..
Source: Ornis Fennica 82:97-106. 2005
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