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Swift determination[order] Apodiformes | [family] Apodidae | [latin] Tachymarptis apus | [UK] Swift | [FR] Martinet noir | [DE] Mauersegler | [ES] Vencejo Común | [IT] Rondone eurasiatico | [NL] Gierzwaluw


Long-term decline in Common Swift Apus apus annual breeding success may be related to weather conditions
Author(s): J. Rajchard, J. Procházka & P. Kindlmann
Abstract: No abstract available (conversion errors, download pdf..[more]..
Source: Ornis Fennica 83:66-72. 2006
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Dusk and dawn ascend of the swift, Apus apus L.
Author(s): Luit S. Buurma
Abstract: Radar observations on bird movements over The Netherlands in June and
July revealed spectacular nocturnal Swift concentrations over the IJsselmeer
and to a lesser extent above other waterbodies in and around The
Netherlands at some kilometres from..[more]..
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Annahme von Nisthilfen durch den Mauersegler (Apus apus) in Berlin
Author(s): Wortha, S. & E. Arndt (2004)
Abstract: We present results of the inspection of 1915 nest boxes for Common Swifts in Berlin in 2002. The aim of the study
is to determine factors influencing acceptance of artificial nest boxes. Two significant influences were the
distance of nest boxes fr..[more]..
Source: Ber. Vogelschutz 41: 113-126
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Ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of Apus apus (Linnaeus
1758), the common swift (Aves; Apodiformes; Apodidae), with
phylogenetic implications

Author(s): Barrie G. M. Jamieson and Sandro Tripepi
Abstract: The spermatozoon of Apus apus is typical of non-passerines in many respects. Features shared with palaeognaths and the Galloanserae are the conical acrosome, shorter than the nucleus..[more]..
Source: Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 86: 239-244 (October 2005)
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