SAP: Stitchbird

SAP: Stitchbird

Worldwide Species Action Plans

StitchbirdThe hihi/stitchbird (Notiomystis cincta) is a medium-sized forest-dwelling passerine that once occurred throughout the North Island of New Zealand. European colonisation, introduced predators, habitat loss and, possibly, disease reduced the distribution of hihi to Hauturu/Little Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf, where they have persisted to the present day. Recovery efforts first initiated in the 1980s have, to date, failed to establish further self-sustaining populations, although small populations remain at two of the translocation sites in the presence of supportive management. With the Hauturu population being the only population of reasonable size, hihi are currently still vulnerable to extinction. For this reason, establishing additional populations remains a core focus for hihi recovery. The likelihood of success of future translocations, however, cannot presently be fully evaluated because information on the factors limiting establishment is incomplete. Consequently, research into the requirements for establishing hihi populations is considered one of the highest priorities for hihi recovery. Future translocations of hihi will remain a central activity of the recovery programme but success of these cannot be guaranteed until such questions have been answered.

  1. Androphobus cincta
  2. Notiomystis cincta
  3. Notiomystis cincta cincta
  4. Notiomystis cincta hautura
  5. Notiomystis cincta
  6. AU New Zealand
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