SAP: Shore Dotterel
Shore Dotterel

SAP: Shore Dotterel

Worldwide Species Action Plans

Shore DotterelThis plan lists the goals that are required to bring about an increase in the population, and to ensure this population is self-sustaining. Predator control, community involvement and research are key components of this plan. Management recommendations for the southern NZ dotterel species include research into alternative sustainable predator control options, and an annual population census. For the northern subspecies, recommendations include establishing management programmes on selected west-coast sites, continue with or expand management units at existing/new sites, undertaking monitoring and a national census, and actively submit against planning applications that will impact on nesting sites with a given criteria.

  1. Elseyornis novaeseelandiae
  2. Thinornis novaeseelandiae
  3. AU Chatham Islands
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