Sacred Ibis

Sacred Ibis


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[order] Ciconiiformes |

Sacred Ibis determination[order] Ciconiiformes | [family] Threskiornithidae | [latin] Threskiornis aethiopicus | [UK] Sacred Ibis | [FR] Ibis sacré | [DE] HeiligerIbis | [ES] Ibis Sagrado | [IT] Ibis sacro | [NL] Heilige Ibis


Sacred Ibis: a new invasive species
in Europe

Author(s): Pierre Yésou and Philippe Clergeau
Abstract: Sacred Ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus is closely
related to both Black-headed Ibis T. melanocephalus
(from the Indian subcontinent) and
Australian White Ibis T. molucca (which breeds
in Australia, New Guinea and some nearby
islands)-to the point ..[more]..
Source: Birding World 18 (12): 517-526
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