Ruffed Grouse2006

Ruffed Grouse2006


Worldwide Species Action Plans

Ruffed Grouse action planRuffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) occur at low densities in mid-elevation forest habitats in northern and northwestern areas of the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region (Region 2). Although there are no quantitative indications of a long-term population decline, the population status of ruffed grouse is difficult to assess because these grouse are cryptically-colored and are prone to relatively large annual fluctuations in numbers. Consequently, fixed-area census projects such as the Breeding Bird Survey do not adequately sample for ruffed grouse. Historical references suggest that ruffed grouse were formerly much more common in the Black Hills than they are today. Development of a conservation/management plan for ruffed grouse in Region 2 will be hampered by the difficulty in accurately assessing their local status and by a lack of information on reproductive success. Ruffed grouse are considered a Management Indicator Species on two Region 2 forests, as well as a Priority species within nearby state Partners in Flight bird conservation plans. However, no research programs on the conservation status of ruffed grouse are currently underway in the Rocky Mountain Region.

  1. Bonasa umbellus brunnescens
  2. Vancouver I. (Canada)
  3. Bonasa umbellus yukonensis
  4. Alaska (USA), nw Canada
  5. Bonasa umbellus umbelloides
  6. se Alaska (USA) thru c Canada
  7. Bonasa umbellus labradorensis
  8. Labrador Pen. (Canada)
  9. Bonasa umbellus castanea
  10. Olympic Pen. (USA)
  11. Bonasa umbellus affinis
  12. British Columbia (Canada) to c Oregon USA)
  13. Bonasa umbellus
  14. NA Alaska, Canada, n USA
  15. Bonasa umbellus sabini
  16. w coast of Canada and USA
  17. Tetrastes umbellus
  18. Bonasa umbellus togata
  19. nc and ne USA, se Canada
  20. Bonasa umbellus mediana
  21. nc USA
  22. Bonasa umbellus phaios
  23. se British Columbia (Canada) to sc Idaho and e Oregon (USA)
  24. Bonasa umbellus incana
  25. se Idaho to c Utah (USA)
  26. Bonasa umbellus monticola
  27. c and ec USA
  28. Bonasa umbellus umbellus
  29. ec USA
  30. Bonasa umbellus obscura
  31. n Ontario (Canada)

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