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[order] Passeriformes | [family]

Reed-Warbler determination[order] Passeriformes | [family] Sylviidae | [latin] Acrocephalus scirpaceus | [UK] Reed-Warbler | [FR] Rousserolle effarvatte | [DE] Teichrohrsänger | [ES] Carricero Común | [IT] Cannaiola | [NL] Kleine Karekiet


Intraspecific variation in the wing shape of the long-distance migrant Reed Warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus: effects of age and distance of migration
Author(s): García Peiró, I.
Abstract: The wing morphology of Reed Warblers Acrocephalus scirpaceus was studied during the breeding and non-breeding cycle in a western Mediterranean area. Wing morphology was first analysed by means of a principal component analysis (PCA) on primary length..[more]..
Source: Ardeola 50(1), 2003, 31-37
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Broedprestaties van Kleine Karekieten in 2004
Author(s): Fred Hustings
Abstract: Broedprestaties van Kleine Karekieten in de wisselvallige zomer van 2004..[more]..
Source: Limosa 78: 39-42
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Gap crossing decisions by reed warblers (Acrocephalus scirpaceus)
in agricultural landscapes

Author(s): L. Bosschieter and P.W. Goedhart
Abstract: To meet the need for research on the requirements for corridors for marshland birds, this study set out to
quantify gap crossing decisions made by reed warblers moving through the landscape. In three experiments,
reed warblers were released into la..[more]..
Source: Landscape Ecology (2005) 20: 455-468
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Habitat selection of two Acrocephalus warblers breeding in reed beds near Malacky (Western Slovakia).
Author(s): Jarmila Prokesova & Ludovit Kocian
Abstract: The study was carried out in 1999 and 2000 at three sites near Malacky, W
Slovakia: Jakubovské rybníky ?shponds, Jakubovské strkovisko gravel pit and
Vojenské rybníky ?shponds. The aim of our research was to study the selection
of breeding habitat..[more]..
Source: Biologia, Bratislava 2004, 59: 637-644
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Migration routes of North European Reed Warblers Acrocephalus

Author(s): Thord Fransson & Bengt-Olov Stolt
Abstract: Migration routes of expanding North European Reed Warbler populations were investigated by means of more than 2500 recoveries of birds ringed in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We found different autumn directions: from Norway SSW 195°-200°, from Sweden ..[more]..
Source: ORNIS SVECICA 15: 153-160, 2005
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Stabilising selection on wing length in reed warblers Acrocephalus scirpaceus
Author(s): K. Susanna S. Hall, Hans Ryttman, Thord Fransson and Bengt-Olov Stolt
Abstract: The size of an animal is of utmost importance for its overall success and each species is thought to have its own optimal size. If this is true, size traits ought to be under stabilising selection unless the animal is living in a highly unstable envi..[more]..
Source: JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY 35: 7 -/12, 2004
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Movement patterns of European Reed Warblers Acrocephalus scirpaceus and Sedge Warblers A. schoenobaenus before and during autumn migration.
Author(s): Chernetsov N. & Titov N.
Abstract: The foraging movements of European Reed Warblers Acrocephalus scirpaceus and Sedge Warblers Acrocephalus schoenobaenus at migratory stopover sites were studied by comparing the frequency distribution of distances between capture-recapture localities ..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 89 (3): 509-515
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All of Sylviidae

  1. Aquatic Warbler
  2. Acrocephalus paludicola
  1. Arctic Warbler
  2. Phylloscopus borealis
  1. Blackcap
  2. Sylvia atricapilla
  1. Bonellis Warbler
  2. Phylloscopus bonelli
  1. Cettis Warbler
  2. Cettia cetti
  1. Chiffchaff
  2. Phylloscopus collybita
  1. Dartford Warbler
  2. Sylvia undata
  1. Dusky Warbler
  2. Phylloscopus fuscatus
  1. Eastern Bonellis Warbler
  2. Phylloscopus orientalis
  1. Garden Warbler
  2. Sylvia borin
  1. Grasshopper-Warbler
  2. Locustella naevia
  1. Great Reed-Warbler
  2. Acrocephalus arundinaceus
  1. Iberian Chiffchaff
  2. Phylloscopus ibericus
  1. Lesser Whitethroat
  2. Sylvia curruca
  1. Olivaceous Warbler
  2. Hippolais pallida
  1. Orphean Warbler
  2. Sylvia hortensis
  1. Reed-Warbler
  2. Acrocephalus scirpaceus
  1. Sardinian Warbler
  2. Sylvia melanocephala
  1. Savis Warbler
  2. Locustella luscinioides
  1. Sedge Warbler
  2. Acrocephalus schoenobanus
  1. Spectacled Warbler
  2. Sylvia conspicillata
  1. Subalpine Warbler
  2. Sylvia cantillans
  1. Sykess Warbler
  2. Hippolais rama
  1. Whitethroat
  2. Sylvia communis
  1. Willow Warbler
  2. Phylloscopus trochilus
  1. Wood Warbler
  2. Phylloscopus sibilatrix
  1. Yellow-Browed Warbler
  2. Phylloscopus inornatus
  1. Zitting Cisticola
  2. Cisticola juncidis
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