Paint-billed Crake (Neocrex erythrops)
Paint-billed Crake

Paint-billed Crake (Neocrex erythrops)

The Paint-billed Crake Breeding in Costa Rica

Author(s):L David M. Watson and Brett W. Benz

Paint-billed CrakeWe report a recent observation from southern Costa Rica of the Paint-billed Crake (Neocrex erythrops), a little known species from eastern and northern South America. An adult and recently hatched chick were observed at close range in wet grassy second-growth. This observation constitutes the first record of the young of this species and represents the only breeding record for Central America.

Source: Wilson Bull., 11 l(3), 1999, pp. 422-424

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First United States Record of Paint-billed Crake (Neocrex erythrops)

Author(s): KEITH A. ARNOLD

On 17 February 1972 Donald Baker, then an undergraduate in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, caught a small rail in one of his traps for furbearers, along a stream south of College Station, Brazos County, in east-central Texas. The bird was brought to me and subsequently identified as a Paint-billed Crake (Neocrex erythrops), a Sora-sized South American rail. The specimen, a male weighing 51 g, was prepared as a skin and partial skeleton and deposited in the Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collections (No. 8930), Texas A&M University.

Source: The Auk, 95:745-746

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