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[order] Falconiformes | [family]

Merlin determination[order] Falconiformes | [family] Falconidae | [latin] Falco columbarius | [UK] Merlin | [FR] Faucon émerillon | [DE] Merlin | [ES] Esmerejón | [IT] Smeriglio | [NL] Smelleken

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Falco columbarius richardsonii c and sc Canada to nc USA
  2. Falco columbarius suckleyi se Alaska to n Washington (USA)
  3. Falco columbarius columbarius Alaska to Newfoundland to n USA
  4. Falco columbarius lymani mountains of ec Asia
  5. Falco columbarius pallidus steppes of wc Asia
  6. Falco columbarius pacificus ne Asia
  7. Falco columbarius insignis nc Siberia
  8. Falco columbarius aesalon Europe to nw Siberia
  9. Falco columbarius subaesalon Iceland
  10. Falco columbarius NA, EU widespread


Correlates of hunting range size in breeding merlins
Author(s): Navjot S. Sodhi
Abstract: I studied variables affecting size of hunting range in breeding Merlins (Falco columbarius) from May to July, 1987-l 990 in Saskatoon, Canada. Males were monitored during most of the breeding season, whereas females were observed only in the fledging..[more]..
Source: The Condor 95:316-321
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