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[order] Charadriiformes |

Little Tern determination[order] Charadriiformes | [family] Sternidae | [latin] Sterna albifrons | [UK] Little Tern | [FR] Sterne naine | [DE] Zwergseeschwalbe | [ES] Gaviotín Chico | [IT] Fraticello | [NL] Dwergstern

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Sternula albifrons sinensis India and the Indian Ocean through e and se Asia to Australia
  2. Sternula albifrons guineae Mauritania to Gabon
  3. Sternula albifrons albifrons Europe and n Africa to c Asia,
  4. Sternula albifrons AF, EU, OR, AU widespread


Individual auditory recognition in the least tern (Sterna albifrons)
Author(s): Lynn J. Moseley
Abstract: Playback experiments performed in a colony of Least Terns near Fort Macon, North Carolina, demonstrated that adults can distinguish the call of their mate from that of a stranger. Sonagram analysis of the “Purrit-tit-tit” call, the most common vocali..[more]..
Source: The Auk 96: 31-39, 1979
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Habitat selection and nesting association in four species of Charadriiformes in the Po
Delta (Italy).

Author(s): Roberto Valle & Francesco Scarton
Abstract: Colony, nest site selection and interspecific associations of four breeding Charadriiformes were
studied in the Po Delta, Italy, in 1991. Physical characteristics (such as length, size, distance from mainland
and other islands, occurrence of small ..[more]..
Source: Ardeola 46(1), 1999, 1-12
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Primary moult, body mass and moult migration of Little Tern Sterna albifrons in NE Italy
Author(s): Cherubini G., Serra L. & Baccetti N
Abstract: Large post-breeding gatherings of Little Terns Sterna albifrons are regularly observed in the Lagoon of Venice, Italy. Here, during five consecutive trapping seasons, 2956 birds were examined and ringed. Their breeding area, as indicated by 163 direc..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 84 (1): 99-114.
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Radio telemetry as a tool for impact assessment of wind farms: the case of Little Terns Sterna albifrons at Scroby Sands, Norfolk, UK
Abstract: Many seabirds travel widely to exploit variably distributed prey resources, utilizing even profitable patches only briefly as prey become available. Assessing the relative importance of areas occupied by wind farms relies on sufficient survey effort ..[more]..
Source: Ibis 148 (s1), 57-75
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All of Sternidae

  1. Aleutian Tern
  2. Sterna aleutica
  1. Arctic Tern
  2. Sterna paradisaea
  1. Brown Noddy
  2. Anous stolidus
  1. Caspian Tern
  2. Sterna caspia
  1. Elegant Tern
  2. Sterna elegans
  1. Gull-Billed Tern
  2. Gelochelidon nilotica
  1. Least Tern
  2. Sterna antillarum
  1. Lesser Crested-Tern
  2. Sterna bengalensis
  1. Little Tern
  2. Sterna albifrons
  1. Roseate Tern
  2. Sterna dougallii
  1. Royal Tern
  2. Sterna maxima
  1. Sandwich Tern
  2. Sterna sandvicensis
  1. Sooty Tern
  2. Sterna fuscata
  1. Tern
  2. Sterna hirundo
  1. Whiskered Tern
  2. Chlidonias hybridus
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