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[order] Falconiformes | [family]

Lammergeier determination[order] Falconiformes | [family] Accipitridae | [latin] Gypaetus barbatus | [UK] Lammergeier | [FR] Gypaète barbu | [DE] Bartgeier | [ES] Quebrantahuesos | [IT] Avvoltoio barbuto | [NL] Lammergier


Interactive behaviour between Bearded Vultures Gyp tus barbatus and Common Ravens Corvus corax in the nesting sites: predation risk and kleptoparasitism
Author(s): Joan Bertran & Antoni Margalida
Abstract: Aims: Aggressive interactions between the Bearded Vulture Gyp tus barbatus and the Common Raven Corvus corax are frequent in the Pyrenean nesting sectors shared by both species. The Bearded Vulture’s nesting sectors are vulnerable to kleptoparasitism..[more]..
Source: Ardeola 51(2), 2004, 269-274
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Adjacent nesting by Lammergeier Gypaetus
barbatus and Himalayan Griffon Gyps
himalayensis on the Tibetan Plateau, China

Author(s): Todd E. Katzner, Chien Hsun Lai et al.
Abstract: Old world vultures are thought to partition or compete
for several types of resources. For example, in Africa,
where vulture species diversity is highest, there is
evidence that they compete for food (Petrides 1959,
König 1983, Mundy et al. 1992,..[more]..
Source: Forktail 20 (2004)
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Nest-building behaviour of the Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus
Author(s): Margalida A. & Bertran J.
Abstract: Bearded Vultures Gypaetus barbatus began supplying material to their nests on average 111 d (range 91-126 d) prior to laying. Males were significantly more active that females. Heavy material (branches) was transported indistinctly in the talons or i..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 88 (2): 259-264
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All of Accipitridae

  1. Black Vulture
  2. Aegypius monachus
  1. Bonellis Eagle
  2. Hieraaetus fasciatus
  1. Booted Eagle
  2. Hieraaetus pennatus
  1. Buzzard
  2. Buteo buteo
  1. Egyptian Vulture
  2. Neophron percnopterus
  1. Golden Eagle
  2. Aquila chrysaetos
  1. Greater Spotted Eagle
  2. Aquila clanga
  1. Griffon
  2. Gyps fulvus
  1. Honey Buzzard
  2. Pernis apivorus
  1. Imperial Eagle
  2. Aquila heliaca
  1. Lammergeier
  2. Gypaetus barbatus
  1. Lappet-faced Vulture
  2. Torgos tracheliotus
  1. Lesser Spotted Eagle
  2. Aquila pomarina
  1. Levant Sparrowhawk
  2. Accipiter brevipes
  1. Long-Legged Buzzard
  2. Buteo rufinus
  1. Montagus Harrier
  2. Circus pygargus
  1. Northern Goshawk
  2. Accipiter gentilis
  1. Northern Harrier
  2. Circus cyaneus
  1. Osprey
  2. Pandion haliaetus
  1. Rough-legged Hawk
  2. Buteo lagopus
  1. Short-toed Snake-Eagle
  2. Circaetus gallicus
  1. Spanish Imperial Eagle
  2. Aquila adalberti
  1. Sparrowhawk
  2. Accipiter nisus
  1. Swallow-tailed Kite
  2. Elanoides forficatus
  1. Western Marsh-Harrier
  2. Circus aeruginosus
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