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[order] Falconiformes | [family]

Hobby determination[order] Falconiformes | [family] Falconidae | [latin] Falco subbuteo | [UK] Hobby | [FR] Faucon hobereau | [DE] Baumfalke | [ES] Alcotán Europeo | [IT] Lodolaio | [NL] Boomvalk


Eurasian Hobby density, nest area occupancy, diet, and productivity in relation to intensive agriculture
Author(s): Fabrizio Sergio and Giuseppe Bogliani
Abstract: A Eurasian Hobby (Falco subbuteo) population of 13-18 breeding pairs was studied for 6 years from 1987 to 1995 in a 62 km2 study area located within the seasonal flood zones of the PO River plain in northern Italy and characterized by intensive farml..[more]..
Source: The Condor 101:80~817
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Woodpigeons nesting in association with hobby falcons:
advantages and choice rules

Author(s): Giuseppe Bogliani, Fabrizio Sergio & Giacomo Tavecchia
Abstract: Many bird species nest in close association with other bolder and more aggressive birds which provide
protection against nest predators. The woodpigeons, Columba palumbus, that nest in poplar plantations in
Northern Italy are found almost exclusive..[more]..
Source: ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR, 1999, 57, 125-131
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All of Falconidae

  1. American Kestrel
  2. Falco sparverius
  1. Amur Falcon
  2. Falco amurensis
  1. Barbary Falcon
  2. Falco pelegrinoides
  1. Eleonoras Falcon
  2. Falco eleonorae
  1. Gyrfalcon
  2. Falco rusticolus
  1. Hobby
  2. Falco subbuteo
  1. Kestrel
  2. Falco tinnunculus
  1. Lanner Falcon
  2. Falco biarmicus
  1. Lesser Kestrel
  2. Falco naumanni
  1. Merlin
  2. Falco columbarius
  1. Peregrine Falcon
  2. Falco peregrinus
  1. Red-footed Falcon
  2. Falco vespertinus
  1. Saker Falcon
  2. Falco cherrug
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