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Gyrfalcon determination[order] Falconiformes | [family] Falconidae | [latin] Falco rusticolus | [UK] Gyrfalcon | [FR] Faucon gerfaut | [DE] Gerfalke | [ES] Halcón Gerifalte | [IT] Girfalco | [NL] Giervalk


Diving speeds and angles of a gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)
Author(s): VA Tucker, TJ Cade, and Tucker
Abstract: An optical tracking device recorded the threedimensional paths of 11 dives by a 1.02 kg gyrfalcon, trained to dive to a falconer. The dives started at altitudes up to 500 m above the ground and were inclined at angles of 17-62 ° from the horizontal. ..[more]..
Source: The Journal of Experimental Biology 201, 2061-2070 (1998)
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Southern Extension to the Breeding Range of the Gyrfalcon,
Falco rusticolus, in Eastern North America

Author(s): S. Brodeur1 F. Morneau, R. Decarie, J.-L. Desgranges and J. Negro
Abstract: We report the observation of four gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) nests and several adults south of the previously
recognized southern limit of the species’ breeding distribution in eastern North America. Our southernmost observation extends
the known..[more]..
Source: ARCTIC VOL. 48, NO. 1 (MARCH 1995) P. 94-95
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Gyrfalcon predation on ptarmigan: numerical and
functional responses

Abstract: Gyrfalcon predation on ptarmigan during the breeding season was studied in
north-east Iceland 1981±97. The ptarmigan population went through a complete
10-year cycle of numbers with a 4´3-fold di?erence in density between high and low
Source: Journal of Animal Ecology 1999, 68, 1034-1050
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All of Falconidae

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  2. Falco sparverius
  1. Amur Falcon
  2. Falco amurensis
  1. Barbary Falcon
  2. Falco pelegrinoides
  1. Eleonoras Falcon
  2. Falco eleonorae
  1. Gyrfalcon
  2. Falco rusticolus
  1. Hobby
  2. Falco subbuteo
  1. Kestrel
  2. Falco tinnunculus
  1. Lanner Falcon
  2. Falco biarmicus
  1. Lesser Kestrel
  2. Falco naumanni
  1. Merlin
  2. Falco columbarius
  1. Peregrine Falcon
  2. Falco peregrinus
  1. Red-footed Falcon
  2. Falco vespertinus
  1. Saker Falcon
  2. Falco cherrug
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