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[order] Anseriformes |

Greylag Goose determination[order] Anseriformes | [family] Anatidae | [latin] Anser anser | [UK] Greylag Goose | [FR] Oie cendrée | [DE] Graugans | [ES] Ánsar Común | [IT] Oca selvatica | [NL] Grauwe Gans

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Anser anser rubrirostris ec Europe to China
  2. Anser anser anser n and c Europe
  3. Anser anser EU c, w


Remote sensing as a technique to assess reedbed suitability for nesting Greylag Geese Anser anser.
Author(s): Kristiansen J .N . & B.M. Petersen 2000
Abstract: We studied Greylag Goose Anser anser nest distribution in relation to reed stem density in the Tgmmerby Fjord reedbed, Denmark, using rial photography to locate nests . Digitised photographs were used to establish a relationship be tween spectral si..[more]..
Source: Ardea 88(2)
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Site fidelity of Icelandic Greylag Geese between winters
Author(s): Robert (Bob) L. Swann and Ivan K. Brockway
Abstract: Britain supports almost the entire Icelandic population of Greylag Geese Anser anser in winter and has a special responsibility for the conservation of these birds. To facilitate the successful management of this population, the aim of this analysis ..[more]..
Source: Ringing & Migration (2007) 23, 238-242
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Greylag geese (Anser anser)-Scirpus maritimus relationships in a newly colonised wintering area in the Camargue
Author(s): L. Desnouhes, C. Gouraud, M. Lepley, M. Pichaud, M. Guillemain & F. Mesléard
Abstract: In order to evaluate the proportion of Scirpus maritimus tubers consumed by a growing population of wintering Greylag goose (Anser anser) in Camargue, Southern France, we (1) measured the biomass of Scirpus maritimus tubers on the main resting and fe..[more]..
Source: Ornis Fennica 84:12-20. 2007
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Grauwe Ganzen in de Ooijpolder
Author(s): Chris van Turnhout, Berend Voslamber, Frank Willems & Gerwin van Houwelingen
Abstract: Trekgedrag en overleving van Grauwe Ganzen Anser anser in de Ooijpolder..[more]..
Source: Limosa 76 (2003): 117-122
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Wintering Greylag Geese Anser anser in North-Africa.
Author(s): Dick G., Rehfisch M., Skinner J. & Smart M.
Abstract: Goose counts at the three major wintering grounds of North Africa from 1981/82 to 1988/89 are presented and discussed. The origin of the Greylag Geese wintering there is documented by individually marked geese. These neck-banded geese also proved tha..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 79 (2): 283-286.
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Food, feeding-behavior and nutritional ecology of wintering Greylag Geese Anser anser.
Author(s): Amat J.A., Garciacriado B. & Garciaciudad A
Abstract: Just after arrival in early autumn, Greylag Geese Anser anser wintering in the Marismas of the Guadalquivir (SW Spain) concentrated on Scirpus litoralis areas, but moved to Scirpus maritimus areas as soon as these zones were flooded after autumn rain..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 79 (2): 271-282.
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On the spatial-distribution and social-organization of neck-banded Greylag Geese Anser anser in their breeding area of Lake Neusiedl, Austria
Author(s): Dick G.
Abstract: Although goslings are known to move up to 10 km in their first days of life, juvenile geese only moved short distances (up to 1 km) from their ringing sites after ringing. In July the geese gathered in the central Seewinkel area (main gathering place..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 79 (2): 265-268
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Nocturnal feeding in moulting Greylag Geese Anser anser- An anti-predator response?
Author(s): Kahlert J., Fox A.D. & Ettrup H.
Abstract: The diurnal activity patterns of Greylag Geese were studied at a Danish moulting site. Before moulting, Greylag Geese foraged throughout the 24 hour period, but changed to nocturnal feeding behaviour exclusively and roosted on offshore islets during ..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 84 (1): 15-22.
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Exploitation of a new staging area in the Dutch Wadden Sea by Greylag Geese Anser anser: The importance of food-plant dynamics.
Author(s): Bakker L., Van Der Wal R., Esselink P. & Siepel A.
Abstract: The colonisation by Greylag Geese Anser anser of a new autumn migration staging area was studied on the island of Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands. Over 500 Greylag Geese first visited the island in 1991. During subsequent years, peak numbers rose to..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 87 (1): 1-13
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Egg predation in reedbed nesting Greylag Geese Anser anser in Vejlerne, Denmark.
Author(s): Kristiansen J.N.
Abstract: Egg predation in Greylag Geese Anser anser nesting in reedbeds was studied at three sites in Vejlerne (NW Denmark). Overall, 34% of all clutches hatched successfully (range 26-53%), while at least 34% of all nests were abandoned. Avian predation of c..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 86 (2): 137-145.
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Remote sensing as a technique to asses reedbed suitability for nesting Greylag Geese Anser anser
Author(s): Kristiansen J.N. & Petersen B.M.
Abstract: We studied Greylag Goose Anser anser nest distribution in relation to reed stem density in the Tommerby Fjord reedbed, Denmark, using aerial photography to locate nests. Digitised photographs were used to establish a relationship between spectral sig..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 88 (2): 253-257.
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