SAP: Great Spotted Kiwi
Great Spotted Kiwi

SAP: Great Spotted Kiwi

Worldwide Species Action Plans

Great Spotted KiwiKiwi (Apteryx spp.) are among the most distinctive, recognised and cherishedanimals in New Zealand. Endemic to New Zealand, they are the unofficial nationalemblem and a taonga (treasure) species of strong significance for Maori. Yetdespite kiwi being New Zealand?s best recognised bird species, knowledge abouttheir life in the wild is still incomplete.The decline in abundance and distribution of kiwi went largely unnoticed untilless than two decades ago (e.g. Reid & Williams 1975; Mclennan & Potter 1992).Populations have declined since the arrival of humans more than 700 years ago,resulting in all species currently being at risk, and some even precariously closeto extinction. Today, few New Zealanders ever see a kiwi in the wild.This is the third national recovery plan for kiwi and, like its predecessors(Butler & McLennan 1991; Robertson 2003), it covers all five formally describedspecies, as well as generally recognised, but not yet formally described, variationswithin these.

  1. Alectura haastii
  2. Apteryx haastii
  3. Apteryx haastii
  4. Apteryx haastii
  5. AU w South I. (New Zealand)
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