Franklins Gull

Franklins Gull


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[order] Charadriiformes |

Franklins Gull determination[order] Charadriiformes | [family] Laridae | [latin] Larus pipixcan | [UK] Franklins Gull | [FR] Mouette de Franklin | [DE] Franklinmöwe | [ES] Gaviota de Franklin | [IT] Gabbiano di Franklin | [NL] Franklins Meeuw


Astaxanthin is responsible for the pink plumage flush
in Franklin’s and Ring-billed gulls

Author(s): Kevin J. McGraw and Lisa S. Hardy
Abstract: Carotenoid pigments produce the red, orange, and yellow plumage of many birds. Carotenoidcontaining
feathers are typically rich in color and displayed by all adult members of the species. In many gulls and
terns, however, an unusual light pink colo..[more]..
Source: J. Field Ornithol. 77(1):29-33, 2006
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