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European Bird Guide Online

This online bird guide consists of over 700 european species. Physical characteristics, habitat, migration, distribution and more is described. Almost every page contains a video, sound fragment, picture and distribution map. For most species scientific literature is available, the articles are in pdf format for you to download.

Bird Guide 1To extend our scope we added for some bird orders all species. We included all raptors (accipitriformes), all owls (strigiformes) and falcons (falconiformes) as well as all herons, storks and allies (ciconiiformes), all ducks and allies (anseriformes) and all petrels, albatrosses and allies (procellariiformes). Finally we added two smaller and more obscure orders, the trogons (trogoniformes) and the tinamous (tinamiformes). This section covers just over 1000 species including every true bird of prey in the World! Read an introduction [here]

Bird Guide 2Visit our sound database covering over 6000 species. Only next to the magnificent site the most extensive collection on the net. Most sounds are derived from xeno-canto with their consent.

Bird Guide 3Specifically for the amateur birding photographer offers the opportunity to publish your photo’s for free. Send us a mail at info {@} and receive your credentials with 1 GB free space. No strings attached. Our albums are arranged in (alphabetical) taxonomic order. You are free to add your own albums in an arrangement you wish. We have only one stipulation, the site is for amateurs only.

Bird Guide 4Planet of Birds is our effort to bring all bird species in the world together. At this point (march 2012) we have over 2900 species described. This site also contains over 2000 scientific articles in pdf format. The Surinam bird guide online covers over 700 species and is written in English. The site is an ode to the country of Surinam where one of us is born. Both these site are blog styled so please leave your comments.


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