Citrine Wagtail

Citrine Wagtail


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[order] Passeriformes |

Citrine Wagtail determination[order] Passeriformes | [family] Motacillidae | [latin] Motacilla citreola | [UK] Citrine Wagtail | [FR] Bergeronnette citrine | [DE] Zitronenstelze | [ES] Lavandera cetrina | [IT] Cutrettola testagialla orientale | [NL] Citroenkwikstaart

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Motacilla citreola calcarata
  2. Motacilla citreola werae
  3. Motacilla citreola citreola
  4. Motacilla citreola EU widespread


Breeding biology of the citrine wagtail (Motacilla citreola) in the Gdansk region (N Poland)
Author(s): Marta Sciborska
Abstract: In the years 1997-2001, I observed 28 broods of the Citrine Wagtail (Motacilla citreola) in the Gulf of Gdask region. First birds arrived at the study area at the end of April. A successful breeding cycle lasted about 1 month and included: 3-4 days ..[more]..
Source: J Ornithol (2004) 145: 41-47
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Phylogeographic patterns in Motacilla flava and Motacilla citreola: species limits and population history
Author(s): Alexandra Pavlova, Robert M. Zink, Sergei V. Drovetski, Yaroslav Redkin, and Sievert Rohwer
Abstract: We conducted phylogeographic analyses of Motacilla fl ava (Yellow Wagtail) and
M. citreola (Citrine Wagtail). We analyzed mitochondrial DNA sequences from 167 M. fl ava
specimens obtained from 17 localities throughout Eurasia and Alaska, and 38 spe..[more]..
Source: The Auk 120(3):744-758, 2003
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