Citril Finch

Citril Finch


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[order] Passeriformes |

Citril Finch determination[order] Passeriformes | [family] Fringillidae | [latin] Serinus citrinella | [UK] Citril Finch | [FR] Venturon montagnard | [DE] Zitronenzeisig | [ES] Verderón serrano | [IT] Venturone | [NL] Citroenkanarie


Loss of a Citril Finch Serinus citrinella nest possibly as a result of ant predation
Author(s): M. Förschler, j. Cabrera, t. Cabrera & a. Borràs
Abstract: Ants have been reported as the direct or indirect cause for nest loss in a few bird species. Here we describe a possible instance affecting a Citril Finch Serinus citrinella nest in the Spanish Pre-Pyrenees. The nest was found on 18 may 2002, when bu..[more]..
Source: Butlletí del Grup Catalá d’Anellament, 2001; 18
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Biometrics of Citril Finch Serinus citrinella in the west Pyrenees and the influence of feather
abrasion on biometric data

Author(s): Daniel Alonso and Juan Arizaga
Abstract: Biometric data are an essential component of studies into the breeding biology of bird populations. Citril Finches Serinus citrinella in the Pyrenees mainly feed on pine seeds, and coniferous habitats in the west Pyrenees are of significant conservat..[more]..
Source: Ringing & Migration (2006) 23, 116-124
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