Broad-billed Parrot

Broad-billed Parrot


Profile Broad-billed Parrot

[order] PSITTACIFORMES | [family] PSITTACIDAE | [latin] Lophopsittacus mauritianus | [UK] Broad-billed Parrot | [Authority] Owen, 1866

Broad-billed Parrot extinct species

Pictures drawn by Dutch explorers visiting the island of Mauritius during the early seventeenth century clearly show a rather strange and aberrant parrot, and these pictures can be correlated with bones found on the island. The bones, like the pictures and a few contemporary written descriptions, indicate the former existence of a largeheaded parrot.

Apart from the fact that such a bird once existed, little can be meaningfully said of it. It certainly still lived during the early seventeenth century, but it probably became extinct not long afterwards. It may have lasted until the last decades of the seventeenth century or it may have been lost well before this.

Ibis Ser. 2, no. 2: 168.

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