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Boreal Owl


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[order] Strigiformes |

Boreal Owl determination[order] Strigiformes | [family] Strigidae | [latin] Aegolius funereus | [UK] Boreal Owl | [FR] Nyctale de Tengmalm | [DE] Rauhfußkauz | [ES] Lechuza Boreal | [IT] Civetta capogrosso | [NL] Ruigpootuil

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Aegolius funereus beickianus nw India, sw China
  2. Aegolius funereus caucasicus n Caucasus Mts. (Russia)
  3. Aegolius funereus pallens w and s Siberia
  4. Aegolius funereus sibiricus se Siberia, ne China
  5. Aegolius funereus magnus ne Siberia
  6. Aegolius funereus funereus n, c and se Europe to the Ural Mts. (Russia)
  7. Aegolius funereus richardsoni Alaska, n Canada and n USA
  8. Aegolius funereus NA, EU n


Clutch size and breeding success of Tengmalm’s Owl golius funereus in natural cavities and nest boxes.
Author(s): Korpimäki, E. 1984
Abstract: Altogether 287 nests of Tengmalm s Owl golius funereus were visited in 1960-82 in westem Finland. The-clurches were si”nificantly larger in nest-boxes than in natural cavities. The hatching percentage and number of fledglings also seemed to be high..[more]..
Source: Ornis Fennica 61:80-83
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Clutch size and breeding success in relation to nest box size in Tengmalm’s Owl golius funereus
Author(s): Korpimäki, E. 1985
Abstract: Clutch size and breeding success was related to nest-box size in 215 nests of Tengmalm’s owl in the Kauhava region, western Finland in 1966-82, In vole peak years, but not in other years, mean clutch size was positively correlated with the bottom are..[more]..
Source: Holarctic Ecology 8:175-180
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Do Tengmalm’s owls see vole scent marks visible in ultraviolet light?
Author(s): Koivula, M., Korpimäki, E. & Viitala, J. 1997
Abstract: Scent markings (urine and f ces) of small mammals are visible in ultraviolet (UV) light. Diurnal kestrels, Falco tinnunculus, use them as a cue to find areas of food abundance. We studied whether vole-eating, nocturnal Tengmalm’s owls, golius funere..[more]..
Source: Animal Behaviour 54:873-877
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Experimental increase of predation risk induces breeding dispersal of Tengmalm’s owl
Author(s): Harri Hakkarainen , Petteri Ilmonen , Vesa Koivunen Erkki Korpimäki
Abstract: Nest predation and its avoidance are critical components of an individual’s fitness and play an important role in life history evolution. Almost all studies on this topic have been observational, and thus have not been able to separate the effects of..[more]..
Source: Oecologia (2001) 126:355-359
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