Black-fronted Parakeet

Black-fronted Parakeet


Profile Black-fronted Parakeet

[order] PSITTACIFORMES | [family] PSITTACIDAE | [latin] Cyanoramphus zealandicus | [UK] Black-fronted Parakeet | [Authority] Latham, 1790

Black-fronted Parakeet extinct species

Like the Raiatea Parakeet, this was another inhabitant of the Society Islands, but as far as is known this particular species was restricted to Tahiti. Both species are closely related to the well known Cyanoramphus parakeets of New Zealand but they are physically separated from these by 3220 km of open sea. Probably, they had quite similar lifestyles although this cannot be confirmed as there are no records concerning the two extinct species. Again like the Raiatea Parakeet, this species was first brought to light by naturalists who sailed with Cook, although in this particular case it was also recorded by a few later visitors.

A painting by Sydney Parkinson, made during Cook’s first voyage, is kept at the Natural History Museum, London, and there are also a handful of specimens in existence – one in London, two in Liverpool, one in Paris and one in Perpignan. The last record of the species dates from 1844, but nothing is recorded of the bird in life.

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