The 10 Best Bird Feeders For Orioles 2023

The 10 Best Bird Feeders For Orioles 2023

Are you looking for the best oriole feeders for 2023? Orioles offer a brilliant flash of black and yellow or orange to any yard, while also having one of the sweetest singing voices of any of the birds in the United States. Whether you want to catch sight of a Baltimore oriole, a Bullock’s oriole, or an Orchard oriole, having the top oriole feeder is the perfect first step. Our reviews below will share 10 of the best oriole feeders on the market, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

While orioles can feed at hummingbird feeders, choosing a feeder specifically for this species of bird is often the best choice. Orioles have larger tongues than hummingbirds, so they can cause damage to the ports on hummingbird feeders. If you want to bring in these beautiful birds, below are several feeders that will make it possible. We’ll also share some tips on what to look for when selecting the right bird feeders for your property.

1. First Nature 32 Oz

The best budget oriole feeder for your yard

Many Baltimore oriole feeders come in a bright orange color which is known for attracting the attention of these small birds. This option from First Nature is a good choice for someone who wants to spend less while still seeing beautiful avian creatures. It also has a large 32-ounce capacity that can handle feeding many birds, so it won’t need constant refills.

This oriole feeder is made out of a robust plastic material that will last. Since bird feeders often get knocked around by other animals, such as squirrels, this ensures you won’t have to deal with much damage when the inevitable happens. However, the plastic can get a bit brittle after one or two years, so you’ll need to replace it at that time.

First Nature 32 oz Oriole Feeder Image credit: First Nature Check Price on Amazon
  • Created out of a thick plastic that won’t become damaged or break.
  • Offers a bright orange color that orioles are attracted to.
  • Includes a 32-ounce capacity that is large enough for several orioles.
  • Might become brittle as time passes and need replacement.

For someone who wants to spend only a little while getting a durable oriole feeder, our verdict is that this feeder is the top choice. It has a large capacity, comes in a bright color that orioles enjoy, and is a simple feeder to use.

2. Birds Choice Flower Small Orange

Runner up to the top affordable oriole feeder today

Since orioles love to eat fruit, especially after a migration, the Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder is an excellent choice. It has a low price and lets you attract those flying black and orange birds into your yard with both jelly and fruit. It has an elegant design and is very lightweight, making it an excellent choice for someone who wants to preserve a specific aesthetic.

The feeder has one peg on each side to perch halves of fruits, as well as a cup in the middle for jelly or other items. The sturdy metal can accommodate a few birds at once, but keep in mind that the feeder is a bit small. If you need to feed a large number of birds, you’ll want to buy multiple feeders if you choose this design.

Birds Choice Flower Small Orange Oriole Bird Feeder Image credit: Birds Choice Check Price on Amazon
  • Features a gorgeous design that will be at home in any yard or garden.
  • Manufactured out of durable metal to last for years to come.
  • Designed to be used to hold both fruit and jelly at the same time.
  • Might be too small for those who see many birds at once.

Our verdict on this oriole feeder is that it offers a lot of usefulness for a low price. While it’s not as large as the other budget feeder, it has a beautiful design to brighten up any yard. It also lets you offer more than a single food choice for a better attraction rate.

3. Amish-Made Oriole Bird Feeder

The most eco-friendly feeder for Baltimore orioles

The Amish-Made Oriole Bird Feeder is created out of poly-wood made from recycled milk jugs. It has a hanging mount, so it can be situated in sorts of locations in a backyard or garden. Those who want a specific aesthetic will be pleased that you can choose from three colors of oriole feeders, including orange, orange and black, or cedar and brown. Each of the feeders is made by Amish individuals located in Shipshewana, Indiana.

With this feeder, it has areas where you can hang fruit halves like oranges, as well as a cup in the bottom that can hold jelly or mealworms for the birds. This feeder is also a good choice for anyone who wants less maintenance since the cleaning process is simple. It offers quality construction and has a roof, so the jelly is less likely to get contaminated.

Amish-Made Poly-Wood Hanging Decorative Oriole Jelly Bird Feeder Image credit: Amish Toy Box Check Price on Amazon
  • Constructed of eco-friendly materials that are made from recycled milk jugs.
  • Available in three different colors to fit into any yard or garden.
  • Includes pegs for fruit and a dish to hold jelly or other foods.
  • Has a higher price than many of the oriole feeders on the market.

The verdict on this bird feeder is that it features environmentally friendly materials and several features that can attract orioles. It makes an outstanding choice for someone interested in an eco-friendly bird feeder in a variety of different colors.

4. Woodlink Metal House Oriole Feeder

The top-quality durable metal oriole feeder

When you want a bird feeder that will last for years, the Woodlink 35319 is an excellent choice. It’s made of steel, so it is durable and capable of handling abuse. It also comes with a small roof over the jelly to prevent leaves and sticks from reaching the bird’s food. There are also several rods on the feeder where fruit can be placed within easy reach of the orioles.

This bird feeder has a bright orange color that attracts this species of birds, but the paint can chip off over time. However, a quick coat of paint will keep it looking great through several seasons. It also works better with fruit quarters than halves due to the way the rods are set up. For those who want something that will last, this is an excellent oriole feeder to choose.

Woodlink Metal House Oriole Feeder Image credit: Woodlink Check Price on Amazon
  • Offers a place to hang fruit as well as a container to hold jelly.
  • Comes in a vibrant orange color to attract orioles.
  • Constructed out of a durable steel material made to last.
  • Paint may not last long from wear or excessive washing.

Our verdict on this oriole feeder is that it will suit those who want a choice that is sure to last. It offers a roof to protect the jelly from debris and includes rods for the fruit to hang on. It’s made of a strong metal material that can stand up to bad weather in any environment.

5. Heath Outdoor Products Clementine Oriole Feeder

The most popular unique oriole feeder

This oriole feeder is relatively simple, but it has an attractive design that looks like a slice of orange. It’s created out of steel and hangs vertically when using the provided hanging chain. It has been painted over to offer the orange color that’s common with oriole feeders and can hold two orange halves on one side and jelly on the other.

Since this product has a simple design, it’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s also durable enough to handle any weather thanks to the materials used to construct it. The tricky thing is getting the feeder parts balanced when you begin using it, but it’s something that gets easier with practice. It’s a great choice for someone who wants something distinctive at a reasonable price.

Heath Outdoor Products Clementine Oriole Feeder Image credit: Heath Outdoor Products Check Price on Amazon
  • Features an easy to clean design to keep maintenance time down.
  • Created out of steel to be capable of lasting for years.
  • Offers a simple design with an orange color that attracts orioles.
  • The design might make it hard to balance everything at first use.

When it comes to the Clementine Oriole Feed from Heath Outdoor Products, there’s a lot to like. The verdict is that this bird feeder works well for those who want something with a unique design that can still attract orioles. It also has two functions since it can hold fruit and jelly at the same time.

6. Classic Brands More Birds 34 Oz

The best oriole feeder with a bee guard for the home

When you want to feed a sugar and water mixture to orioles, this More Birds Oriole Feeder offers extra features to help. It is a large feeder that can hold 34 ounces of liquid, so there’s less need to make refills. It also comes in an orange color with a translucent bottle so you can easily see when there’s a need to add more liquid to the feeder.

This feeder is easy to clean with a large reservoir and comes with a bee guard to keep insects away. However, it’s a bit different from most oriole feeders, so it can take them some time to get used to it. It’s still an excellent choice for many since it rarely needs to be refilled and prevents bees from drinking the nectar inside.

Classic Brands More Birds 34 Oz. Oriole Feeder Image credit: Classic Brands Check Price on Amazon
  • Features a bright orange color for the base feeder and bottle to attract orioles.
  • Offers a simple to clean design to offer less need for maintenance.
  • Includes a bee guard to prevent insects from contaminating the jelly.
  • Thin construction may not last over the years.

When it comes to a bee-proof oriole feeder, this one’s verdict is that it offers everything a user needs. It’s also one of the largest oriole feeders out there, so there’s no need to fill it up once or twice a day to keep the birds fed. It works well for anyone who wants to keep insects away from the birds.

7. Perky-Pet Oriole Jelly Feeder

The most unique jelly bird feeder for orioles

Another unique oriole bird feeder comes from Perky-Pet and is designed for someone who doesn’t want to spend time adding jelly throughout the day. Instead of having a small jar for the sweet treat, it has a jar that screws into the base and allows jelly to come out as birds eat. It fits standard jelly jars to cut down on the need for cleaning.

In addition to having a unique design, it also has a perch all the way around the feeder. This means that many birds can enjoy a meal at the same time, so you can watch them go about their activities. The base is a bright orange, as are the chains that hold it up, and some birds will perch on the chains to dine.

Perky-Pet Oriole Jelly Feeder Image credit: Perky-Pet Check Price on Amazon
  • Offers one of the easiest to clean designs for less maintenance.
  • Offers jelly dispensing without the need to remove and replace the feeder.
  • Manufactured using high-quality materials that are made to last.
  • A fully-filled feeder makes it impossible to see birds on the opposite side.

Our verdict on this feeder is that it offers the most unique way of providing jelly to orioles. It also offers plenty of room on the perch, so several of the birds can enjoy eating at the same time. This is a lightweight option that can hang off of nearly anything in your backyard to bring in orioles.

8. Songbird Essentials Fruit/Jelly Oriole Feeder

The most popular recycled dual fruit and jelly oriole feeder

Those who want something that is made of recycled materials will appreciate this Songbird Essentials option. It has a birdhouse design and offers bright orange plastic that is rigid and thick to ensure the best durability. It includes a glass jar where the jelly goes that is easy to clean and simple to refill once the birds eat up all the food.

There are four pegs for fruit on this feeder, but the two that are on the upper half can be challenging for the birds to reach. However, you can put orange halves on the other two pegs to offer an option besides just jelly. Anyone who wants something to last will enjoy this option, which doesn’t get damaged or lose its orange color over the seasons.

Songbird Essentials Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder Image credit: Songbird Essentials Check Price on Amazon
  • Created of a rigid and thick recycled plastic for durability.
  • Features a bright color that doesn’t fade out after seasons of use.
  • Resists cracking and damage even when exposed directly to sunlight.
  • The pegs on the upper half of the feeder are hard for birds to reach.

The verdict on this fruit and jelly feeder is that it offers a top option for those who enjoy products made of recycled materials. It lets you offer dual feeding options for orioles and is easy to fill up when jelly runs out. Since it includes four pegs, up to two oranges can be provided for the orioles by using it.

9. Perky-Pet Oriole Feeder

The oval shaped shatterproof oriole feeder for yards

If you’re planning to feed nectar to orioles rather than jelly or fruit, this Perky Pets feeder can hold up to 32 ounces of the sweet stuff. It has an egg-shaped reservoir that is clear, so you can see when a refill is needed. On top of being transparent, the feeder also resists shattering if it gets knocked to the ground by a squirrel.

This oriole feeder has a bee guard that works very well and will come in handy if you have issues with insects on another feeder. It features balls with springs that keep the openings from letting bees in while birds can quickly get access. However, the unique design means some birds need time to learn how to use it to get to the sugar and water mixture.

Perky-Pet Oriole Feeder Image credit: Perky-Pet Check Price on Amazon
  • Offers an exceptional bee guard that will keep insects out of the nectar.
  • Designed with a sturdy nectar reservoir to prevent damage when dropped.
  • Includes a transparent design, so it’s easy to see when refills are needed.
  • Can sometimes suffer from leaks between the base and the reservoir.

Our verdict on this shatterproof oriole feeder is that it offers plenty of capacity, a bright orange color to attract birds, and even a bee guard. It has a unique egg-shaped reservoir that makes it hard for insects to get inside. The construction uses thick plastic to prevent cracks or other damage.

10. Birds Choice Oriole-Fest Feeder

The simplest three-way oriole feeder on the market

The last oriole feeder on our list is a simple option at a low price. It’s also the only option on the list that lets you supply orioles with three foods: fruit, nectar, and jelly. There are four ports, so several birds can feed at the same time, along with four different cups for jelly.

The design of this oriole feeder includes a thick orange plastic base and a metal hanger. There are also several perches for orioles to congregate together for a good chance of birdwatching. However, this is a smaller feeder than most, so it might need to be refilled multiple times a day.

Birds Choice Oriole-Fest Feeder Image credit: Birds Choice Check Price on Amazon
  • Features deterrents for bees, ants, and other types of insects.
  • Offers the chance to feed jelly, nectar, and oranges at the same time.
  • Comes at a low price with a durable plastic design to last several years.
  • The feeder is smaller than most and can hold only 12 ounces of sugar water.

Our verdict on this oriole feeder is that it offers an excellent option for those who want to provide a selection of treats for the birds. It’s a high-quality choice with an insect guard and an easy cleaning process. However, it’s one of the smallest oriole feeders on the market.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Oriole Feeder For Purchase

There are several things to consider when selecting an oriole feeder if you want to have the best experience watching birds. Below are the most important ones to watch for when you go through potential options for your home.

1. Variety Of Foods

When choosing an oriole feeder, getting one that lets you offer more than a single food can be a good idea. Different orioles will prefer specific things, so having a jelly or nectar-only feeder might not bring in all the birds. The foods that are most appreciated by orioles include nectar, oranges, jelly, and mealworms.

2. Feeder Color

Orioles not only enjoy eating oranges, but they also are attracted to the color orange. It’s the same color that this species of birds look for when searching for a mate. While you do not need to buy an orange feeder, it is the most likely to bring in the birds. Some feeders keep their color longer, so consider that, as well.

3. Material Type

Having a durable feeder is crucial since it will be exposed to rain, wind, and heat. Being under the sun for an extended period can make plastic brittle or cause it to warp, so you want to be sure you select a thick version. Metal feeders can also be a good choice, but glass can be an issue since other animals may knock the feeder down and break it.

4. Ease Of Cleaning

Since food can go bad if it isn’t eaten quickly enough, the feeder should be simple to clean. If the old food is left on the feeder, it can make the new food bad when you add it. Oranges are the quickest to rot, but it can also occur with jelly. Since bad food can make the birds sick, having a feeder that is simple to clean is the best option. It will help prevent spreading disease and bacteria.

5. Price And Value

While getting a reasonable price on an oriole feeder is helpful, make sure it doesn’t have cheap materials or a design that will cause it to wear out quickly. Sometimes paying a little more for a feeder that lasts is the better option than going for something less expensive that is likely to break. Consider the price but weigh it with the value you will get from the product.

Putting It All Together

Regardless of which kind of orioles are common in your area, they are beautiful birds to watch or take pictures of. The top oriole feeder is one that is going to attract the birds to your yard or garden and keep them there for the long haul. The options above will meet the needs of many people, so all you have to do is think about what features matter the most to you!