The Best Heated Bird Baths + The Best Heaters & Deicers 2024

The Best Heated Bird Baths + The Best Heaters & Deicers 2024

While you might think about a bird bath as a simple way to offer drinking water for the birds in your area, it does more than that. Birds use water to preen and bathe and it can be hard to find the liquid in the winter when the temperatures drop. If you want to care for the birds in your neighborhood, a bird bath is a great option to do so.

In this article, we’ll look at the best heated bird baths on the market so you can make a decision about which to buy for upcoming cold months. Our reviews will touch on what makes them useful and how they compare to each other. We’ll also look at heaters and deicers that can be used in existing bird baths.

Top 9 Best Heated Bird Bath Reviews 2024

Most bird baths are a small reservoir of water that look like a bowl that is either placed on the ground or hangs on a pedestal of some sort. These devices are used to allow birds and other animals to bathe and drink from. Nowadays, many of them come with a heated option so the water stays liquid even if the temperatures drop outside.

Here are the best heated bird baths 2024:

  1. Songbird Essentials SE501
  2. Allied Precision 14B
  3. Allied Precision 670
  4. Allied Precision 970
  5. Farm Innovators FS-1
  6. Songbird Essentials SE995
  7. Allied Precision 600
  8. Allied Precision 650
  9. Farm Innovators HBC-120

1. Songbird Essentials SE501

The best heated bird bath

If you are looking for the best heated bird bath on the market, you can’t go wrong with this one from Songbird Essentials. This bird bath is guaranteed to keep water at a good temperature for birds at up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater turns on itself once the temperature hits 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The use of a thermostatically-controlled heating element can save on energy costs.

Songbird Essentials SE501 Cedar Heated Deck Bird Bath Image credit: Songbird Essentials Check Price on Amazon
  • Aesthetically pleasing bird bath heater with a double ring design.
  • Guaranteed to warm water down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Features a 60-watt thermostatically-controlled heating element.
  • Instructions may be confusing for those assembling the bird bath.

Our verdict is that this is a great heated bird bath. It works flawlessly and looks great in the yard. It’s a bit pricier than some models but it will be worth it to many.

2. Allied Precision 14B

The best deck-mounted heated bird bath

Those who want to mount a bird bath on their deck will love the 14B Four Seasons. It offers the option of mounting the bird bath on a deck or a pole, depending on your preferences.

This bird bath comes with a three-year warranty and is made of a weather-resistant plastic for durability. When the bath is not being used, the cord can slip underneath the bath for storage.

Allied Precision 14B Four Seasons Heated Bird Bath Image credit: Allied Precision Industries Check Price on Amazon
  • Power cord can hide under the bird bath when not in use.
  • Easily mounts to wooden deck rails and includes pole mounting hardware.
  • Compact size and made of weather-resistant plastic.
  • Electrical cord is too short for some people.

The verdict on this bird bath is that it is a great option for anyone who wants to watch birds on their deck. It also has versatility since it comes with pole mounting hardware.

3. Allied Precision 670

Top-rated heated bird bath with stand

This bird bath by Allied Precision Industries (API) is 20 inches in diameter and can hold up to two inches of water.

This is a pedestal style bird bath that is durable, safe, and simple to clean. It makes use of a thermostatically controlled heater that maxes out at 150 watts. The lip of the bath is designed in a way where birds can easily land and perch.

Allied Precision 670 Heated Bird Bath With Pedestal Image credit: Allied Precision Industries Check Price on Amazon
  • Easy to clean, durable, and safe construction.
  • Rim is designed specifically to lure birds in to land.
  • Offers a 20-inch diameter with two inches of water depth.
  • Base may not be thick enough to prevent toppling.

The verdict on this bird bath is that it makes a great option for a beginner or someone with little time. Filling it up and cleaning it takes next to no time.

4. Allied Precision 970

Runner-up bird bath with stand

If you like the idea of a bird bath on a stand, another great option is this 970 by API. This is a heated bird bath that comes with a metal stand of black.

There is a built-in thermostat to keep track of the temperature of water at all times. The rim on this model is made to be grasped by a bird so they can perch and drink with ease.

Allied Precision 970 Heated Bird Bath With Metal Stand Image credit: Allied Precision Industries Check Price on Amazon
  • Comes with a metal stand and built-in thermostat.
  • Rim is designed for easy grasping by bird talons.
  • Prevents water from freezing over even on the coldest days.
  • Metal stand may be prone to rust over time.

If the other stand bird bath with a heater wasn’t right for you, this is another good choice. It has plenty of room for water and will attract a variety of birds.

5. Farm Innovators FS-1

The best bird bath heater at ground level

This bird bath with a natural look offers an integrated heating element and a cord that can be hidden when not in use. The device looks like natural stone and can be used on ground level or it can be placed on an elevated surface.

This heater for a bird bath is thermostatically controlled so it only comes on when it is needed to, which can save you money over time.

Farm Innovators FS-1 Four Seasons Ground Heated Bird Bath Image credit: Farm Innovators Check Price on Amazon
  • Aesthetically appealing with a sand coating and concealed heating element.
  • Cord can be tucked away and out of sight during warm weather.
  • Thermostatically operated only to come on when required.
  • Has one of the shorter cords of the reviewed options.

This is a fantastic looking bird bath and the concealed heating element means nothing detracts from that. The verdict on this item is that it’s the top choice if you want a bird bath that sits on the ground.

6. Songbird Essentials SE995

Easy to install deck-mounted bird bath with heater

Another bird bath that has heating functionality which is made to be mounted on a deck is the Songbird Spa. What sets it apart is that it can also be mounted on a clamp or the ground.

It has a 75-watt heater to keep water from freezing even at -10 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a rather shallow bird bath, but can hold up to a quart of liquid so you don’t need to refill it all the time.

Songbird Essentials SE995 Songbird Spa Image credit: Songbird Essentials Check Price on Amazon
  • Features three different mounting options for versatility.
  • Shallow water level is safe for birds but reservoir can hold up to a quart.
  • Thermostatically controlled for energy bill savings.
  • Not as sturdy as some desire when installed on a deck.

The verdict on this bird bath with a heater is that it works well for someone who wants an easy to install option. Once you get it shipped and to your door, you can have it going in minutes.

7. Allied Precision 600

Good bird bath heater without stand

This heated bird bath bowl is 20 inches in diameter and does not come with a pedestal. However, it does have an adapter clamp so it can be mounted in various places.

The bird bath has a built-in thermostat to keep water from freezing even when it gets extremely cold. The bath has a rim created to be easy for birds to clutch with their talons.

Allied Precision 600 Heated Bird Bath Image credit: Allied Precision Industries Check Price on Amazon
  • Bird bath basin comes fully assembled for immediate use.
  • Offers an adapter clamp for mounting to various stands and surfaces.
  • Rim is easily grabbed by birds for use as a perch.
  • Bowl is shallow and can only hold limited water.

Our verdict on this bowl is that it makes a good option for those who want simplicity. It has several mounting options so you can try different things as often as you like.

8. Allied Precision 650

One of the best-selling bird baths with a heater

Our last heated bird bath review is going to focus on another option from API. It has a 20-inch diameter and offers a railing mount so it can be used all year round for bathing. The heater is 120 volts and operates at 150 watts. There is a space under the basin to store the power cord when not in use.

Allied Precision 650 Heated Bird Baths Image credit: Allied Precision Industries Check Price on Amazon
  • Light stone color of bird bath is aesthetically appealing.
  • Clamp-on bracket includes a hinge to easily dump the basin of stale water.
  • Offers 120-volt heater with a storable power cord when not in use.
  • Instructions can be challenging to read when assembling.

The verdict on this bird bath is that it will make a great choice for anyone looking to mount a bath. It has a mounting bracket with a hinge so you can easily dump out the stale water to add fresh water.

9. Farm Innovators HBC-120

Top-selling electric bird bath heater

This electric bird bath is made of a durable material, but resembles the look of natural stone. This gives you a great look while ensuring the bath is durable, stable, and lasts a long time. This bird bath can be connected easily to an extension cord for power. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Farm Innovators HBC-120 Heated Bird Baths Image credit: Farm Innovators Check Price on Amazon
  • The molded and scalloped design creates stability, strength, and longevity.
  • Operation is easy by connecting an extension cord to the bottom of the unit.
  • Convenient and easy to clean as the basin comes off.
  • Can be complicated to switch out extension cords later.

Our verdict on this heated bird bath is that it looks great while offering the functionality that most will be looking for.

Top 5 Best Bird Bath Heater & Deicer Reviews 2024

If you already own a bird bath, but it doesn’t come with a heater, you may not want to buy a completely new one just for that functionality. The good news is that you can purchase a heater that will work in the bird bath you already have.

Our bird bath heater reviews will look at some of the best heaters and deicers on the market so you can decide which best fits your own needs.

Here are the best bird bath heaters and deicers 2024:

  1. Allied Precision BDT250
  2. Farm Innovators C-50
  3. K&H Pet Products 9000
  4. Farm Innovators B9
  5. Allied Precision 250D

1. Allied Precision BDT250

The best bird bath deicer available

Those who are looking for a simple deicer for their bird bath will appreciate this option from API. It has an aluminum heating element that is created to be durable and compact. This is a coated and low-profile option ideal for use in any bird bath. It has a large surface area which makes it safe to use in bird baths made of plastic.

Allied Precision BDT250 Bird Bath Deicer Image credit: Allied Precision Industries Check Price on Amazon
  • Features a large surface area for safety even in plastic baths.
  • Aluminum heating element is durable and compact in size.
  • Offers several thermostats for optimized and safe control.
  • Cord on the heater is quite short.

This is a reasonably priced bird bath heater and deicer that ensures the birds can enjoy bathing and drinking in the winter. Our verdict is that this is the best option out there and will meet most people’s needs.

2. Farm Innovators C-50

Top electric bird bath heater

Unlike battery-powered bird bath heaters, electric heaters are often easier to use. There is no exception with this Farm Innovators C-50 heater. This is safe in any sort of bird bath and uses 150-watt power. The device is thermostatically controlled to ensure it only comes on when needed. The heater is made of cast aluminum for top efficiency and safety while in use.

Farm Innovators C-50 Bird Bath Heater Image credit: Farm Innovators Check Price on Amazon
  • Created of cast aluminum for safety and efficiency.
  • Thermostatically controlled to operate only when needed.
  • Safe in any kind of bird bath made of any material.
  • Cord is fairly short and may require an extension cord.

Our verdict for this bird bath deicer is that it is the best option for safety in any bird bath. It also comes with a three-year warranty, so you know it will last for years.

3. K&H Pet Products 9000

Top-rated electric bird bath heater

This fully submersible K&H 9000 Ice Eliminator keeps the appropriate temperature in bird bath water down to a temperature of -20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is thermostatically controlled to keep water from freezing, but turns off when the heat isn’t needed.

The device has an enamel finish that is easy to clean. This heater only uses 50 watts and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

K&H Pet Products 9000 Bird Bath Deicer Image credit: K&H Pet Products Check Price on Amazon
  • Enamel finish is durable and simple to clean.
  • Can keep water heated down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Deicer is submersible and thermostatically controlled.
  • May not be appropriate for extremely cold environments.

The verdict on this heater is that it is a top-rated option that many will appreciate. The fact that it turns on only when needed can save money on your energy bill. It also ensures the birds are happy year-round at your home.

4. Farm Innovators B9

One of the best budget bird bath deicers

Another great bird bath deicer from Farm Innovators is the B9, which is inexpensive and designed to be cheap to operate. This device is best used in shallow bird baths as it only offers 50 watts of power.

The foil construction of the heater is innovative and keeps safety in mind. This heater comes with a three-prong cord that is nine inches long.

Farm Innovators B9 Bird Bath Deicer Image credit: Farm Innovators Check Price on Amazon
  • Affordable and low wattage deicer to save money.
  • Created with an innovative foil construction.
  • Works well in shallow bird baths.
  • Electric cord is less than a foot long.

This foil designed bird bath deicer is a great budget option. It has enough power to handle most climates and ensure your bird’s water isn’t freezing up when it gets cold. It’s easy to use for someone who is new to bird bath heaters.

5. Allied Precision 250D

The best-rated innovative heater for existing bird bath

Our last top bird bath deicer is the Allied Precision 2500. It is submersible to use in not only bird baths, but also pails, buckets, pans, and other containers. This option comes with a cord chew protector, thermostat, six-foot cord, and a stainless steel guard. There is also an adjustable clamp which makes it easy to attach to a water container or bird bath.

Allied Precision 250D Bird Bath Heater Image credit: Allied Precision Industries Check Price on Amazon
  • Comes with a cord chew protector, stainless steel guard, six-foot cord, and built-in thermostat.
  • Can deice up to 15 gallons of water in a bird bath.
  • Submersible deicer works in bird baths, buckets, pans, and pails.
  • Cord protector may be vulnerable to rust.

Our verdict on this deicer is that it makes a fantastic choice for someone with varied needs. It can be used in many situations, not just as a heater for a bird bath. If that appeals to you, this might be a good option for you.

Tips for Using a Heated Bird Bath

Now that you know the best heated bird baths and the best heaters to go in existing baths, you may want to know some tips to ensure your new purchase works perfectly. We have a few that can help and don’t take a lot of effort to implement.

  • If you choose a dark basin, it will absorb more light which keeps the water warmer. It can also be more visible to birds who come to visit.
  • Make sure you read the instructions on the bird bath heater packaging before using it. Follow the steps included for the best results.
  • Start using the heating element at the first sight of frost in autumn. You want to leave it out until there is no more chance of frost in the spring. If the weather is warm, most heaters turn off on their own while they turn themselves on when it gets cold.
  • Be sure that you clean out the bird bath on a regular basis and add fresh water. Deposits of minerals can make the heater work less efficiently.
  • Add the bath to an area where it is sunny so solar power can help the heater keep the water warm without ramping up your electricity bill.
  • Outdoor extension cords should be used for heating elements or heated bird baths. The additions of plastic wrap or electrical tape can also help keep any moisture out.
  • Clean off the sides of the bath after snow so birds can perch and enjoy the water. You can brush snow into the basin to melt for the birds to enjoy.


When you have a great heated bird bath and you keep it maintained and clean, it can change the way you do your bird watching. Rather than going through the cold season without seeing any flying friends, you can bring in the birds that are still around with ease. Any of the options above will give you the chance to enjoy your hobby, no matter what time of year it is.

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