Bald Ibis

Bald Ibis


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[order] Ciconiiformes |

Bald Ibis determination[order] Ciconiiformes | [family] Threskiornithidae | [latin] Geronticus eremita | [UK] Bald Ibis | [FR] Ibis chauve | [DE] Waldrapp | [ES] Ibis calvo | [IT] Ibis eremita | [NL] Heremietibis


International single species Action plan
for the Conservation of the Northern Bald Ibis

Author(s): James A. Robinson & Baz Hughes
Abstract: The Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita has undergone a long history of decline over at least four centuries, having been distributed over much of north and northeast Africa and the Middle East. Two distinct populations have been identified which a..[more]..
Source: T-PVS/Inf (2006) 13
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