Raeesah Chandlay

Raeesah Chandlay is a South African conservationist. She’s always had deep respect and appreciation for wildlife and nature, and a special fascination for birds. She has a diploma in nature conservation and spent a year working with wattled cranes under the Wattled Crane Recovery Programme during her internship. When she is not in the field, she enjoys writing to share her passion, knowledge, and experiences with others.


The Charismatic Cranes of the World

Cranes are among the most beautiful of all creatures. Their elegant long necks, slender build, poised stance, and elaborate dances have inspired cultures for centuries. Cranes have graced the earth for over twenty million years. Today, three genera...

Barn owl face

The Barn Owl – A Friend of Humans

If there ever was a misunderstood creature, it is the barn owl. Barn owls are incredibly useful animals. They have been helping us keep rodents at bay for centuries. Yet they are feared across many cultures, earning the names demon owls or ghost...

Kingfisher perched

The Vibrant World of Kingfishers

The Kingfishers are a diverse family of colorful birds. Once known as the halcyon bird in ancient Greece, these attractive birds have held a special presence in our lives throughout history. The name Halcyon would later be given to one of the three...

European Bee-Eater (Merops apiaster)

European Bee-Eater (Merops apiaster): 10 Interesting Facts

While the rest of us have been confined to our respective countries over the last few months, European bee-eaters (Merops apiaster) have been drawing closer to their annual southerly migration. Luckily, international borders don’t matter for birds...