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[order] Charadriiformes |

Arctic Tern determination[order] Charadriiformes | [family] Sternidae | [latin] Sterna paradisaea | [UK] Arctic Tern | [FR] Sterne arctique | [DE] Küstenseeschwalbe | [ES] Gaviotín Ártico | [IT] Sterna codalunga | [NL] Noordse Stern


Brood size and food provisioning in Common Tern s Sterna hirundo an d Arctic Terns S . paradis a: consequences for chick growth
Author(s): Robinson J.A . & K .C . Hamer 2000
Abstract: Food provisioning rates and chick growth rates of Common Te rns Sterna hirundo and Arctic Tems S. paradis a were studied in Northeast Engl and. Adult tems of both species fed large broods more frequently th an those containing fewer chicks . Energy s..[more]..
Source: Ardea 88(1) : 51-60
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Basal metabolic rate and thermal conductance in Arctic Tern chicks and the effect of heat increment of feeding on thermoregulatory expenses
Author(s): Klaassen M., Bech C. & Slagsvold G
Abstract: Chick basal metabolic rate (BMRc) as oxygen consumption (VO2 in ml O2 g-1 h-1) of unfed individuals of Arctic Terns Sterna paradisaea during development (12-109 g) was best described by the parabolic equation VO2 = 1.25 + 0.061 m-0.00047m2, where m i..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 77 (2): 193-200.
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  1. Aleutian Tern
  2. Sterna aleutica
  1. Arctic Tern
  2. Sterna paradisaea
  1. Brown Noddy
  2. Anous stolidus
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  2. Sterna caspia
  1. Elegant Tern
  2. Sterna elegans
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  2. Gelochelidon nilotica
  1. Least Tern
  2. Sterna antillarum
  1. Lesser Crested-Tern
  2. Sterna bengalensis
  1. Little Tern
  2. Sterna albifrons
  1. Roseate Tern
  2. Sterna dougallii
  1. Royal Tern
  2. Sterna maxima
  1. Sandwich Tern
  2. Sterna sandvicensis
  1. Sooty Tern
  2. Sterna fuscata
  1. Tern
  2. Sterna hirundo
  1. Whiskered Tern
  2. Chlidonias hybridus
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