Aleutian Tern

Aleutian Tern


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[order] Charadriiformes |

Aleutian Tern determination[order] Charadriiformes | [family] Sternidae | [latin] Sterna aleutica | [UK] Aleutian Tern | [FR] Sterne des Aléoutiennes | [DE] Aleutenseeschwalbe | [ES] Charrán Aleutiano | [IT] Sterna aleutina | [NL] Aleoetenstern


Apparent River Otter Predation at an Aleutian Tern Colony
Author(s): D. C. Duffy
Abstract: Two dead aleutian Ternsms wee found dead along river otter trailsin a a colony. Although literature suggests the otter is commonly predating on colonies, the colonies prevail…[more]..
Source: Colonial Waterbirds 18(1): 91-92, 1995
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The probable Breeding of the Aleutian Tern in Southeastern Alaska
Abstract: A record in the May, 1920, number of THE CONDOR (page 111) of the probable breeding
of the Aleutian Tern near Yakutat appears to rest on “sight” identification only, and
the actions of Mr. Walker’s birds were so different from the usual habits of t..[more]..
Source: The Condor, 22, 12
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Possible Winter Quarters of the Aleutian Tern?
Author(s): Norman P. Hill and K. David Bishop
Abstract: Recent observations of the Aleutian Tern (Sterna aleutica) in the coastal waters around
Hong Kong in spring and fall, and Singapore and the Indonesian islands of Karimun and Bintan between October and April indicate that at least part of the populat..[more]..
Source: Wilson Bull., 11 l(4), 1999, pp. 559-560
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  2. Sterna aleutica
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  2. Chlidonias hybridus
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